Event Platform

3D-VR LiVE has two fully customisable platforms that work independently or integrate together to host Virtual Events or Interactive 3D experiences.



3D-VR LiVE has two core products that allow you to create events that tell stories, make moments and captivate audiences.

Our 2D virtual event platform is the most flexible available. We handle everything from registration onwards, allowing for full brand customisation and real-time evolution. Build infinite areas, embed streams and integrate your favourite apps to create something unique.

Our 3D Interactive experiences allow you to take your attendees… anywhere! Using either bespoke built 3D modelling, 360˚ photography or 360˚ video, we create a simple to use immersive experience suitable for individual events or always open instances.

We can also combine our products to deliver a 3D Event, bringing the best of both worlds together.

We have a full analytic suite, allowing you to track your delegates journey from beginning to end.

Our products are backed up with unrivalled support, guiding you through the process and assisting you at all stages.


Full Brand Customisation

Both platforms allow full customisation to match your event brand throughout.

Choice of Experiences

Having two platforms gives you the choice to have a 2D only event, 3D only experience or combine them both.

Real Time Editing

Being able to open and close areas or create new areas in real time gives you the control over what your attendees see and when.

Moving Attendee

We can move individuals, groups of attendees or the whole audience from anywhere to anywhere at anytime.

Built for Integration

As well as having our own suite of out of the box features, we have built both platforms to be integration ready for your favourite web apps.

No User Limits

Hosting events for less than 20 people to events for thousands, we can tailor both platforms to scale to the size of your event.