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Social media helps us raise excitement for our events and to engage students and community members in a positive way. We display our social media wall at SUNY’s Got Your Back assembly events and conferences. Students and community members post photos and messages which are then rotated on the screens. This helps our attendees engage individually and collectively with the program in real-time.

Elizabeth Brady

SUNY’s Got Your Back

Saalbach is using both for special events like ski races as well as a more permanent touristic social media hub. Prominently embedded on our website, the User-Generated Content collected in our widget provides an authentic view of our region in real time.

Paul Kubalek

Digital Media,

Working with big companies means that we are not always able to use social networks during an event, having the possibility to use’s Direct Post feature helped us use the social wall without being bound by social networks!

Mario Baldantoni

Global Production Coordinator, Masters Of Magic