Every industry can benefit from a social wall

Connect with your audience, raise awareness and promote your products or services

social wall for agency example showing Parallax logo on a purple office wall


Use a social media wall for your clients’ campaigns. Collect authentic content that will help them increase brand awareness, conversions, and social media reach.

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embedded social wall for eCommerce example picture showing the social feed embed of IKEA Poland for its kitchen department


Display authentic User-Generated Content on a social wall and link it to your products. It will serve as an inspiration for website visitors and increase your sales.

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social wall for education example picture is showing SUNY's social wall for an event to promote SUNY's got your back


Set up a social wall to connect with your students, create a sense of community and share important information.

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social wall for healthcare example picture is showing two black women working with laboratory samples


Share medical information and connect with your patients using a social wall. It opens a new channel of communication and helps you reach your audience better.

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social wall for government example image showing a group of event attendees using their smartphones and tablets at the OECD forum


Interact with the public on social media. Use a social wall to spread information, become more transparent and create an interactive digital experience.

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Social wall on a permanent display showing the latest morning news while a white car is passing by.

News & entertainment

Engage with your audience on a social wall by incorporating relevant user posts. Share updates from your social media channels or bundle information for a specific topic.

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social wall for nonprofits example image is showing the two male owners of Life is good smiling at the camera


A social wall is a perfect platform to raise awareness for your cause, find new funding opportunities and thank donors for their support.

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social wall for retail example image shows a men and woman working for Zotter how they prepare the chocolate


Showcase User-Generated Content on a social wall and mix it with your branded social media posts to engage visitors in stores and online.

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social wall for tourism example image is showing a group of kids at the museum schallaburg smiling and waving


Collect and distribute social media content that your happy guests are sharing about you. It will help increase trust and allow new visitors to discover you.

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social wall for sports example image is showing a basketball player interacting with the fans


Secure a victory with a social wall — connect fans and players, include sponsored ads, and create interactive sports experiences.

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social wall for finances example image is showing a social wall on a screen at a trade fair


Use a social wall to gain customer trust, engage employees and tell your brand’s story.

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