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 Portraits of a smiling woman with blonde hair and a man with a bald head, both encircled in blue, likely representing speakers or partners for an event.
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 A webinar slide titled "Sustainable Storytelling: How to Extend the Shelf Life of Your Event Content" featuring a speaker named Aleksandra Petrash from Walls.io.
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Two images in separate bubbles representing a tradeshow booth and the other one a group of people taking a selfie.

Trade Show Booth Ideas: Before, During & After

Trade show booth ideas to get some inspiration for your next event.

An image of an event next to a screenshot of an event budget template.

Free Event Budget Template: Keep Your Event on Track

Learn about the nuances of event budgeting and the tools needed to stay on track.

A woman and a crowd, representing a big event.

Top Event Management Software

The top event management software solutions to ensure your events are spectacular.

A group of people at an event, next to them a photo of many hashtag signs.

Event Hashtag Strategy Guide

This guide provides a concise strategy for effectively using hashtags for your events.

Social Media Wall Chatbot Walter by Walls.io

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Customer stories

Screenshot of session presenters at Airmeet event experiences events

Airmeet Runs a Selfie Contest to Increase Event Engagement

Airmeet leveraged the integration between Walls.io and Snapbar to run a selfie contest at the Events to Experiences summit. During the opening keynote, the host invited people to take selfies with a Snapbar photo booth — all selfies were displayed on a social wall. The audience voted for the best selfies using the Reactions feature. At the end of the event, 3 winners were chosen.

A screenshot of the Instagram feed of Gianni Infantino displayed in a social wall carousel layout, as embedded on the FIFA website.

FIFA Keeps Their Websites Updated With Social Walls

FIFA made Walls.io an integral part of their World Cup 26 website. They have a social wall on every landing page built for each of the 16 cities where the games will occur. They’re also using a social feed to share updates from FIFA’s president.

hastings now local stories social media feed on website
Hastings Now

HastingsNow Power Up Their Landing Pages With Social Walls

HastingsNow goes above and beyond to foster a strong sense of community in Hastings, Minnesota by seamlessly integrating social wall embeds into five distinct sections on their website. This innovative approach not only connects locals but also serves as a powerful promotion platform for local businesses. Users can effortlessly access targeted information on sports, news, food, and businesses.

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