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Social Media for Higher Education

Learn how you can fully leverage social media for higher education

One of the key resources for information and communication for students in higher education is social media. At the same time, social media is one of the most effective ways for universities to engage with students and share information. In this guide, you will learn how to effectively develop, optimise and utilise social media in higher education.

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Best practice examples of universities using social media
A checklist for getting started with social media for higher education
Tips on engaging students and increasing enrollment rates

Social media for Higher Education Guide

Based on research and best practices, this guide will show you:

  • The best social media networks for higher education
  • Benefits of social media for higher education
  • How to select the most suitable channels for your school
  • How you can use social media effictively
  • What the measurable KPIs are, and how to reach them
  • How to increase enrollment rates
  • How to engage with your campus
  • How to boost donations
  • How to improve alumni advocacy
  • Best practice examples of universities and colleges
  • A checklist for getting started
  • How to run a sucessful hashtag campaign
  • How to create a connection between offline and online
  • How to create and leverage user-generated content


why educational institutions leverage social media

Graph representing 98%Graph representing 70%Graph representing 40%

of students are active on social media

of prospects use social media to research potential universities

of students base their school choice on its social media presence

(Sources: www.nacacnet.org and higher-education-marketing.com)