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Two people having a conversation on stage at DMEXCO with a social wall for events displaying social media posts on a TV screen next to them
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How companies use social walls at events

Google social media wall display at the Chrome Dev Summit event

Google uses social media walls at hybrid events

Google has been using social media walls for some of its large-scale international events. They incorporated social walls on-site, as well as into their live streams. They even made innovative use of our Custom Posts feature.

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FIRST® and Star Wars: Force for Change are using social walls for their events all year round.

FIRST® and Star Wars: Force for Change use social walls to promote events year-round

FIRST® and Star Wars: Force for Change use social media walls to promote their past and present events, create engagement worldwide, and generate new sign-ups for upcoming events.

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Social wall for music festival event Gearfest. Man playing the drums during the festival in front of a big crowd.

Music festival leverages social walls to increase engagement 

The music festival GearFest used a social wall to create real-time engagement with 17,000+ attendees and collect user-generated content. It helped them spark interest in the workshops, shows and the music gear which they were selling on-site. 

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cover of the social media for events ebook. The complete guide to event marketing

Social Media For Hybrid and Virtual Events

Learn how to engage your attendees using social media

Planning your side of a virtual event is important, but you shouldn’t forget about your audience either. Many online events severely lack engagement and interaction because the role the audience plays has not been translated well from offline to online.

This eBook will give you an overview of ways to incorporate social media before, during and after your events. When used right, these strategies can make your event more lively more interactive and, ultimately, more interesting for attendees, speakers and organisers alike.

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The benefits of using social walls FOR HYbrid EVENTS

A good social media strategy contributes greatly to making an event a success. Utilise social media to promote your event, increase ticket sales, create a sense of community and engage with your attendees. Pull everything together with a social media wall to make your event special.

The benefits of using social walls for events #1

Increase engagement at hybrid events

A social wall bridges the gap between offline and online communication at events. Collect social media posts from attendees and prominently display them on a social wall at your venue. Make the same social media stream part of your live streaming experience, so you can engage and connect everyone during your event.

The benefits of using social walls for events #2

Give your event global social media exposure

Social walls are not just for attendees. People from all over the world get to follow your event via the social wall even if they couldn’t make it there themselves. They get a chance to witness at least part of your event online and join the conversation. And your message and brand are more likely to reach more people when spread via social media.

The benefits of using social walls for events #3

Create a sense of community

Whether you’re organising a BarCamp, a wedding, a conference or a trade fair, a social wall can go a long way towards adding a sense of community to an event. It’s a way for people to connect to you and each other. Add depth to the event experience with a social wall that encourages audience participation.

The benefits of using social walls for events #4

Boost revenue with sponsored posts on your wall

Monetise your social wall by giving your sponsors the option to buy ad space on your wall. Show their ads as Sponsored Posts to give them some extra exposure online and at your event.

The benefits of using social walls for events #5

Engage with your attendees before the event

The event itself is just a fraction of the whole process. Speakers and exhibitors start preparing long before an event and share their progress on social media. Capture that free promotion for your event on a social wall and use it to engage with your attendees. Let them know about the social wall and encourage them to use your hashtags.

The benefits of using social walls for events #6

Increase ticket sales for your next event

After the event is over, a social wall is a great way for everyone to look back. Use the tail end of one event to start promoting the next one. Get current participants to sign up for the following event as soon as possible by keeping them engaged with what’s going on. An embedded social wall on your event page will give visitors a first impression of your event and convince them to buy a ticket for the next one.

Social media is a powerful tool to promote your event

Social media is one of the strongest channels for promoting events. 70% of companies value social media for events as extremely important. 74% use it to promote specific events and happenings during the event. 54% use social media for post-event promotion. (Source: Freeman XP & EMI)

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What people say about us

Heather Herron
Heather Herron
VP of Corporate Communication, Sweetwater

Our goal was to increase real-time engagement with the 17,000+ people in attendance at GearFest. The social wall was a huge success. People seemed to really enjoy it and watched it frequently to see their posts being displayed. It definitely added to the excitement and made people more engaged during the day. We’re hoping that it will help spark interest for future events as well.

Nicholas Jones
Nicholas Jones
Social Media Manager, United Way Greater Toronto helps us to really bring our social media and event-specific hashtags to life at our live events. It is the perfect tool for curating and amplifying the best posts from our attendees, and a great way to encourage attendees to post more when they see their content appearing on the big screen. It might seem like a small thing, to post someone’s photo or tweet for your whole event to see, but attendees consistently give us very positive feedback on the experience, coming up to our social team to ask for more information on this magical tool that saw their post leap out of their phone and into reality.

Elizabeth Brady
Elizabeth Brady
SUNY’s Got Your Back

Social media helps us raise excitement for our events and to engage students and community members in a positive way. We display our social media wall at SUNY’s Got Your Back assembly events and conferences. Students and community members post photos and messages which are then rotated on the screens. This helps our attendees engage individually and collectively with the program in real-time.

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