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Transform events into interactive, memorable experiences. This event social wall will help you turn passive spectators into active participants.

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How you can use an event social wall is the social wall for every event

Here are 30+ examples of how event professionals from different industries use event social walls to engage attendees at online and offline events.

Graduation Ceremony

Virtual / Hybrid Events

Corporate Events

Awards Ceremony

Music Festivals

Fundraiser Events

Metaverse Events

Career Fairs

Trade Shows

Products Launch

Sports Tournaments

Wedding / Private Party

Church Events

Museum Gallery

Hospitality Events

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Captivate your audience so you never run a dry event enhances event engagement by displaying real-time attendee posts and interactions, promoting active participation.

Track all the posts using your event’s hashtag automatically collects posts from attendees using your event hashtag, enabling you to easily moderate and showcase the best contributions.

Don’t display inappropriate posts on your displays’s advanced moderation tools help maintain the desired quality and tone of your event’s social wall. You can add multiple moderators for efficient management.

Collect feedback from attendees in real-time lets you create and share polls on the social wall to engage attendees and collect instant feedback.

Build a strong community around your event enhances community and shared experiences by displaying contributions that connect like-minded participants.

Be fast and save time while doing an event recap

The social wall compiles all event content—your posts, speaker and attendee contributions, and poll feedback. Simply link to it in your recap posts.

Make your message accessible to everyone bridges communication gaps by centralizing and streamlining information, making content more accessible and engaging.

Use GDPR and CCPA-compliant software solutions is a secure, cookieless social wall platform compliant with GDPR and CCPA and trusted by leading international brands such as Amazon, Google, Cisco, and the UN.

Power up your sponsorship packages

Put your trusted sponsors and partners in the spotlight by offering a social wall placement in your sponsorship packages. 

Create an experience, not just an event

Create a memorable and emotional connection between attendees and your brand using social walls.

How event professionals use social walls to create experiences

Social Displays Draw Attention at the 77th World Health Assembly

The social wall at the 77th World Health Assembly acted as a central hub for engagement. It was prominently displayed on a large digital screen at the venue. It drew attention from delegates who shared their WHA moments through Direct Posts. The wall was also collecting content from various WHO social media accounts.

Giselle Miguens
Giselle Miguens

Social Media Officer, World Health Organization

The wall was a distinct point of attraction for our event audiences — partners, ministries, and state officials. It was dynamic and helped our event participants engage with the proceedings of the day and what was being disseminated on our social media channels.

How social walls work



Collect brand and user-generated content from social media and other sources. app sources app moderation


Choose the best content using's easy-to-use moderation and curation features.



Choose a layout and apply your branding. Embed the feed on a website, or display it on a screen. social wall in different devices

Plan memorable experiences

Use a social wall to create and collect memorable moments that resonate with attendees.

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