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What is digital signage and how you can use a social media wall digital signage solution

Digital signage offers an easy way for businesses to display multimedia content on a screen on their premises or in public. These devices can show multimedia content, which can be changed quickly and remotely via digital signage software, making it a flexible and cost-effective solution for many marketing and advertising ideas.

Making social media walls a part of digital signage is a logical choice. The integration of social walls on digital signage devices offers a great way to seamlessly include dynamic social content with other digital content on public screens. A social wall is a great way to take the fantastic content your community creates and truly let it shine on a real-life display  — at your point of sale, trade show booth or your office.

Collect content from multiple social media platforms

Aggregate user-generated content from hashtags, profiles and pages and easily display it on a digital signage device or permanent display. You can choose which social media channels you want to include on your social wall. offers integrations with the most popular social platforms.

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The benefits of using social media walls on digital signage devices

Social walls work well with digital signage because they offer an easy way of putting content from multiple social media networks on your digital signage device in one go. You can then seamlessly blend current social content with all the other content that you’re showing on your digital signage screen.

Social Media Walls for Digital Signage Benefit #1

Create an eye-catching multimedia feed

Moving, bright, colourful content attracts viewers, helping you draw attention to your brand or your product. And current content keeps them engaged. By displaying a social wall on a digital signage device, you can easily show all kinds of social media posts, including video content, and you get a constant stream of new posts to keep your feed fresh. It’s super easy to adapt content to season, audience, time of day or current events, simply by changing the content on the social wall.

Social Media Walls for Digital Signage Benefit #2

Boost sales right where they happen

By showing relevant content at the point of sale, using a digital signage device, you can provide customers with more information about your brand and products and, ultimately, influence purchasing decisions. It’s also a great way to show off user-generated content, which adds powerful social proof and further helps convince potential shoppers that your brand or products are great.

Social Media Walls for Digital Signage Benefit #3

Engage potential customers

Thanks to smartphones, a social wall on a digital signage device also gives people a chance to engage and interact with it. Communicate your hashtags on your digital signage screen and encourage people to post to social media using that hashtag. They’ll be delighted when they see their posts pop up on your big screen.

How to use social media walls on permanent displays

social media on digital signage in the Zotter shop

Social media digital signage in stores

90% of U.S. consumers rate online recommendations from other users as highly influential for their purchasing decisions. Show their valuable user-generated content on a display in stores to increase your sales.

Social media digital signage in the workplace

85% of employees said they’re most motivated when management offers regular updates on company news, and profitability can be increased by 21% if employees feel engaged. Use a social wall in the office or at the production site to inform and connect with your employees.

social media on digital signage in an office
social media on digital signage in the hospitality industry

Social media digital signage in the hospitality industry

74% of travellers use social media while on vacation. Connect with them via a social wall at your restaurant, hotel or museum to inform and engage them. Encourage people to share their experience on social media.

Social media digital signage for out-of-home advertising

Combining social media and out-of-home ad campaigns leads to an increase of 23% in metrics like brand awareness, emotional response, and brand consideration. Utilise social media on a digital screen to reach, inform and connect with as many passersby as possible. Increase awareness offline in order to leverage it online.

social media screens for out of home advertising

How our customers use digital signage with social walls

NHL team Montréal Canadiens connects players and fans with huge digital screen

NHL team Montréal Canadiens connects players and fans with huge digital screen

The ice hockey team from Montreal displayed tweets of encouragement from their fans on a 10-feet large screen in the stadium. It created a connection and helped motivate the players during the training camp in 2020 where no fans were allowed in the stadium because of the lockdown.

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case western reserve university media wall digital signage including 2 social media walls

Case Western Reserve University connects with students through permanent digital signage screen

CWRU has integrated a social wall into a two-story, multi-touch video wall on campus. The social wall has become an integral part of the university’s marketing, providing information, entertainment and creating a sense of community at the campus’ central hub.

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Ferrari digital signage social media wall

Ferrari uses a social wall in its Formula 1 pit

Scuderia Ferrari is using a social wall on a digital signage solution in its Formula 1 pit. It keeps the hard-working team and pilots motivated and connects them to their fanbase by showing the best social media posts. In addition to the digital signage device, Ferrari is using embedded social walls on its multiple brand websites. By doing so it creates an interactive experience for Ferrari fans and website visitors.

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A social wall can be integrated into any display

A social wall adapts automatically to every screen size and resolution, no matter if it is a TV or a large LED display. In addition to that, digital signage providers offer fully integrated solutions that allow you to combine a social wall with various other sources of content, define sequences, and control your displays remotely.

Most digital signage solutions consist of two parts: a small, affordable hardware device and software that easily lets you control content via a content management system (CMS). Many digital signage solutions will allow you to program loops or switch between and other pre-produced content.

Official digital signage partners

While many digital signage solutions support’s widget out of the box, we’ve partnered with our favourite vendors to make sure we provide an experience that’s as smooth as possible. All plans (including our free plan) will work perfectly on these services:

digital signage partners

brightsign digital signage solution social media integration

digital signage

BrightSign LLC, the global market leader in digital signage media players, is headquartered in Los Gatos, California, with offices in Europe and Asia. BrightSign designs media players and provides free software and cloud networking solutions for the commercial digital signage market worldwide, serving all vertical segments of the marketplace. BrightSign products are known for their signature reliability, affordability, market-leading technology and unsurpassed performance.

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screencloud digital signage solution social media integration

digital signage

With customers all over the world, OnSign TV is a Professional Signage Platform anyone can use. Packed with features, OnSign TV offers more than 100 apps making content creation really easy. Natively implemented to run on Android, Windows, Mac,  Linux, Samsung SSSP, LG webOS, BrightSign, and Chrome OS, OnSign TV the best performance and is designed to power screens that will never stop.

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screencloud digital signage solution social media integration

digital signage

ScreenCloud's digital signage software makes it easier than ever for you to put meaningful content on any screen, in any location. Use it to control one screen, or a thousand, from anywhere in the world. The app is integrated in the ScreenCloud platform, making it easy to add social media feeds to your digital displays and mixing them with images, videos and presentations.

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sklera digital signage solution social media integration

digital signage

sklera is an innovative software browser-based solution for digital signage — an easy way for businesses to display multimedia content on a screen. Changing content is easy and can be done remotely via software. By offering a pre-built integration with, sklera allows you to add a social media display to your digital signage solution in minutes.  sklera supports modern TV displays by Samsung, LG, and devices using Amazon Fire TV or Chrome OS.

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Social Walls for eCommerce by Beyerdynamic

digital signage

truDigital is the leading provider of digital signage software around the world. Companies large and small rely on truDigital to inform, entertain and bring value to their audiences. Advanced cloud-based technology, strategic partnerships and responsive staff provide customers with the highest level of service in the industry.

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Social Walls for eCommerce by Beyerdynamic

digital signage

Yodeck is a cloud-based screen-management platform, that allows you to power your screen with any type of content or widgets and instantly amaze your target viewers. Unbeatably easy, professional and extremely secure, Yodeck offers a integration, making it super easy to display social media content on digital signage.

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brightsign digital signage solution social media integration

digital signage

Screendrive is an easy-to-use digital signage solution with many powerful tools, such as seamless streaming software, a CMS, and thousands of default templates. From coffee shops to shopping malls, they serve the digital signage needs of businesses of various sizes. Screendrive comes with multiple app integrations to simplify content delivery for users. With and Screendrive integration, adding 13+ social media sources to your digital displays is secure and straightforward.

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What people say about us

Florian Figl
Florian Figl
Online Marketing & Content Manager, Zotter Schokoladenmanufaktur

We’ve been using for years, and it’s simply the best social hub tool out there. We implemented our social wall on a touch display at our drinking chocolate bar, and both visitors and employees are loving it.

Jason Hawk
Jason Hawk
Director of Sales, Tinkham Veale University Center

Our two-story Media Wall, with its two social walls, keeps our campus community informed and connected. It has affected the way we market and the way other university departments market as well. We get a lot of requests from all over campus, asking us to display specific department accounts or hashtags on the wall. The Media Wall is also an excellent selling point for conferences and workshops hosted at our venue. Event organizers love seeing content for their hashtags show up on the big screens. Social Wall Chatbot Walter


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