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Why use social media displays

A social media display is a great way to take the amazing content your community creates and truly let it shine on a real-life screen — at your point of sale, trade show booth, or office.

Improve internal communications

Increase purchasing decisions with social proof

Engage your community and collect authentic UGC

How to create a social media display

Collect hashtag, page, mentions and profile content in a social media display

Aggregate content from specific hashtags, profiles, and pages. Choose which social media channels you want to get content from and select the posts you want to show on your social media display using advanced moderation features.

Choose from flexible social media display templates

You can easily customize your social display’s appearance using the Style Editor. No tech skills are needed! Change the background, text, and tile border color with just a few clicks. Your social media display will be fully responsive.

How you can use social media digital signage

Social media on digital signage in the Zotter shop

Social media digital signage in stores

90% of U.S. consumers rate online recommendations from other users as highly influential for their purchasing decisions. Display positive reviews on screens to increase sales or use live Polls to receive qualitative feedback.

Social media digital signage in the workplace

85% of employees said they’re most motivated when management offers regular updates on company news, and profitability can be increased by 21% if employees feel engaged. Use a social wall in the office or at the production site to inform and connect with your employees. If you're using an interactive display, it's a great idea to add live Polls to it and collect feedback from your employees.

social media on digital signage in an office
social media on digital signage in the hospitality industry

Social media digital signage in the hospitality industry

74% of travellers use social media while on vacation. Connect with them via a social wall at your restaurant, hotel or museum to inform and engage them. Encourage people to share their experiences on social media.

Social media digital signage for out-of-home advertising

Combining social media and out-of-home ad campaigns leads to an increase of 23% in metrics like brand awareness, emotional response, and brand consideration. Utilize social media on a digital screen to reach, inform and connect with as many passersby as possible.

social media screens for out of home advertising
Screenshot of a social wall showing a QR code on the Direct Posts button.

Collect user-generated content with Direct Posts and a QR code

Take the chance of collecting content from passersby on a social wall with Direct Posts. You have the option to add a QR code to any Direct Posts button. People looking at your screen can scan the QR code, click the link on their phone, and upload any photo or text post. Collecting UGC couldn’t get any easier!

Let your audience be heard with live Polls

Polls are a great tool to drive engagement, encouraging your employees, students or customers to voice their opinions. Used on, Polls will help with voting (e.g. in a contest), help you break the ice at meetings, and collect data on your landing pages.

How brands use social media displays

Social Displays Draw Attention at the 77th World Health Assembly

The social wall at the 77th World Health Assembly acted as a central hub for engagement. It was prominently displayed on a large digital screen at the venue. It drew attention from delegates who shared their WHA moments through Direct Posts. The wall was also collecting content from various WHO social media accounts.

Giselle Miguens
Giselle Miguens

Social Media Officer, World Health Organization

The wall was a distinct point of attraction for our event audiences — partners, ministries, and state officials. It was dynamic and helped our event participants engage with the proceedings of the day and what was being disseminated on our social media channels.

Sandvik Coromant Achieves Year-Round Employee Engagement Across 150 Countries With

Using significantly boosted internal engagement for Sandvik Coromant. The social wall helps employees from different countries connect and participate in various events throught the year, fostering a strong sense of community and company culture.

Elena Kelley
Elena Kelley

Employer Branding Manager

Not all colleagues have social media or LinkedIn, so for that internal purpose, having helps display and share passion and dedication from colleagues. It inspires other colleagues to do the same. It’s a great solution for keeping company culture together, and we’re very happy with it.

The benefits of using social media displays

Create an eye-catching multimedia feed

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Boost sales right where they happen

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Engage potential customers

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Get started with your real-time social media display in less than 5 minutes

Showcase powerful User-Generated Content on your digital signage.

Display UGC from endless sources

Direct Posts logo

Direct Posts

Allow visitors to upload text and photos directly

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X (Twitter)

Keywords, hashtags, profiles & lists

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Hashtags, business profiles

Facebook logo


Pages, mentions, albums, hashtags

Youtube logo


Keywords, profiles, playlists

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Linkedin logo


Pages, hashtags & keywords

Mastodon Logo


Profiles, hashtags

RSS logo


RSS feeds

Flickr logo



Pinterest logo



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Keywords, subreddits

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Keywords, blogs

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Hashtags, profiles

Check out many more content sources.

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