Double the content and the fun with Direct Posts

Massively increase content on your social wall with Direct Posts. Let people upload content directly.

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What is Direct Posts and why you need it

The Direct Posts feature allows people to post on your social wall without having to use Instagram, X (Twitter), Facebook or any other social network. Your community can upload image or text posts from their laptop or mobile phones directly to your wall. Watch this video to learn more about it and see it in action.

The Direct Posts feature is an engagement driver for internal company events, user-generated content campaigns, or private events where you want to engage people who prefer not to use social media.

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The benefits of using the Direct Posts feature

Let everyone post to your social wall

When we say everyone, we mean people using social media and those who aren’t. Invite members of your community who prefer not to use social media to be part of your wall with Direct Posts.

Remove any privacy concerns

Some people don’t like to use social media or their personal profiles because of privacy concerns. Direct Posts is the perfect solution to include them in your campaign while respecting their privacy.

Massively increase your social wall content

With Direct Posts you’ll be able to collect content from people who don't use social media, plus the regular social content. Double the content, double the fun.

Keep the focus on your platform

A social wall acts like a campfire where your community can start a conversation. Instead of having them distracted by their social media feeds, use Direct Posts to keep everyone engaged.

Collect exclusive user-generated content

Engage your community and let everyone share their thoughts on the social wall by allowing them to upload photos and text posts directly, without having to post on social media.

When to use Direct Posts

Brands are using Direct Posts for a variety of applications.

Internal company events

Internal company events use the Direct Posts feature to engage employees globally. It allows them to gather thoughts from attendees without having to worry about a breach of privacy. Here is a great example on how S&P Global used Direct Posts to engage more than 5000 attendees during an internal virtual event.

Internal company event wall with direct posts enabled
Private event wall with enabled direct posts

Private events

Private events, such as weddings, Bar mitzvahs, birthday parties, etc., can benefit from Direct Posts, as it’s perfect for letting everyone submit content without the need of going public on social media. This way, you keep the event private and cozy for all attendees. Learn more about using social walls for private events be it personal or corporate ones.

User-generated content campaigns

The Direct Posts feature is ideal for UGC campaigns, as you’ll be able to collect content from social media platforms and from people who aren’t on social media. For example, Kafka Summit used’s Direct Posts feature combined with a photo booth and a Twitter hashtag source to collect  attendee photos on a social wall.

Kafta Summit used a social wall with direct posts for their event

Connect your global audience

When publishing Direct Posts, users can also enter their location. This is a great way to fill a map-themed social wall with great user-generated content from all over the world. Whether you choose to embed it on your website or display it at a live event, at your school, or office, having a combination of social media content and Direct Posts on the map is entertaining and fun.

Mario Baldantoni, Global Production Coordinator, Masters Of Magic
Masters of Magic logo

“Working with big companies means that we are not always able to use social networks during an event, having the possibility to use’s Direct Posts feature helped us use the social wall without being bound by social networks!”

Mario Baldantoni, Global Production Coordinator, Masters Of Magic

Use Direct Posts to collect more content

Let every member of your community be part of your social wall with Direct Posts

How to use Direct Posts

The Direct Posts feature is easy to use, and lets you have full control of the content.

Intuitive design

Once the Direct Posts feature has been enabled in your admin dashboard, visitors will find a Create Post button on the wall. Clicking the button will open a simple form where visitors can upload an image or a text message.

You’ll always be in control

You have full control over the posts that show up on the wall. If the wall is configured for manual moderation, a Direct Posts will not become visible on the wall right away but require a manual review. You can also choose automatic moderation, if you share the wall with an audience you trust.

Make Direct Posts even easier with a QR code

Some people might feel more comfortable posting images or comments on your social wall from their mobile phones. That’s why the Direct Post button also has a QR code. Your community will only have to scan the QR code, click the link on their phone's screen, and upload any photo or text post.

The QR code makes it easier for your community to share their posts from their phone

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