Introducing the team

At the core of every company is its team. Ours isn’t big, but it’s close-knit, and some people have been around from the very beginning. We all contribute to building a great product and have an awesome time achieving great things.

Ana Lopez
Leo Rudnitsky
Manuel Baronetti
Neira Dzabija
Vladimir Posvistelik
Michael Kamleitner
Vladan Vasic
Daniela Turcanu
Maria Hinteregger
Christoph Derndorfer-Medosch
Kerstin Drabek
Magdalena Adrover Gayá
Aleksandra Petrash
Martin Stücklschwaiger
Daniele Colangelo
Endre Barcs

Create the best product that is



Easy to use


About the product

Trusted by the world's leading brands

Create the best work environment based on


We always aim high and never stop learning.


We take responsibility and are proactive.


We are inclusive and respect each other.


We are transparent and value feedback.


We are a passionate team that excels together.

Our commitment as a company

Openness &

Everyone is welcome and will be treated with the utmost respect, no matter their skin colour, origin, religious beliefs, sexuality or gender. We do not tolerate any extremism, sexism, racism, violence and manipulation of any sorts.

Environmental &
Social Responsibility

By making more conscious decisions, we try to reduce our environmental impact and have a more meaningful effect on our society by donating money, time and resources to good causes.

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