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Choose a ready-made social feed layout

Carousel social feed layout

Show important content and engage your visitors anywhere on your website! The responsive website carousel is a visually attractive and interactive element that packs a lot of information in a small amount of space. This layout is perfect for websites that want to improve SEO and SERP, as it increases dwell time and user engagement.

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Fluid social feed layout

The Fluid layout is’s default layout. Built on a fluid grid style, it allows the tiles to expand according to the content of the post. It's a great all-rounder that works well on individual screens, as well as public screens at reception halls, live events, offices, exhibitions, etc.

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Grid social feed layout

Very similar to the Fluid layout, Grid has a neat, clean, and organized layout, with all the posts aligned on a structured grid. The main difference is that in the Grid layout, all the posts are evenly aligned and won’t expand based on content.

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Adapt the social feed to your needs

Get started with a social feed in minutes and don't forget to nominate it for the social wall awards after you create a wonderful design.

Kiosk social feed layout

This layout is called Kiosk because we believe it looks best on kiosk-style displays at trade shows, showrooms etc. The Kiosk layout displays one post at a time and uses gorgeous 3D transformations, dynamically adapted background colors and swift animations to make your content really shine.

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Bricks social feed layout

The Bricks layout looks stunning on all displays. It showcases visual content and lets big images shine. Posts with lots of text have a big font, which makes them easier to read, even from further away. This makes Bricks perfect for big screens and displays at events, shops, restaurants, offices, museums, or even sports stadiums. It also looks great on websites, of course.

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Map social feed layout

Many customers are using the Map layout to showcase their global hashtag campaigns. The layout shows social media posts popping up on a map of the world, emphasizing that campaign contributions are coming from all over the world.

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Billboard social feed layout

With the Billboard layout active, posts on your wall appear one by one and full screen, which opens up a world of unique use cases. This is especially interesting for those who want to display their social wall at an event on a computer or TV screen. Billboard displays the posts, one by one and in a comfortable size for reading on a standard screen, even from a bit further away. Thus it puts an end to a crowd of people bulking up in front of the screen in order to read the ever-changing posts on a more regular layout.

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Show your brand’s true colors on a social feed

Add your logo and link to your website

Having your logo visible on your social wall is a pretty simple way to make it immediately recognisable. Visitors will quickly be able to figure out who runs the social wall and if you hyperlink your logo to your website or campaign microsite, they can easily find out more about your brand and your campaign as well.

Customise your social feed’s background, fonts and tiles

Unless you’re a social media manager in a big company where you can simply ask the next IT person to help you with the CSS, you’ll need an easier way to customize your appearance. This is where the Style Editor comes in. No tech skills needed!

You can easily change the tile background, the text colour and the tile border colour. This gives you pretty much endless possibilities of colour combinations.

Screenshot of the Advanced Customisations menu in including custom CSS.

Use CSS to create even more amazing design tweaks for your social feed

Of course, if you prefer to use CSS to customize your wall or want to additionally change something in the CSS, allows you to do pretty much anything you want and can do with CSS. Here are just a few examples of what you could do with CSS:

  • Add a footer overlay to your wall
  • Create custom tile footers
  • Assign content-aware tile colours, turning all posts with the hashtag #blue blue etc.

Your social feed is all responsive

No matter what size or resolution your device or embed is, you can be sure that the widget always looks great! Besides that, the fact that is fully responsive enables you to moderate your social wall from any device during a live event.

Learn how our customers use and get inspired!

The NAMM Show Drives Brand Exposure With a Social Wall

NAMM leveraged a social wall to maximize brand exposure and ensure their attendees and sponsors were having the time of their life at the largest music trade show in North America. The NAMM Show social wall showcased a carefully curated mix of content from various NAMM company profiles on social media, user-generated content tagged with #nammshow, and Direct Posts. It was displayed and embedded in the key areas of the event environment, including the event app powered by Swapcard.

Jessica Duarte
Jessica Duarte

Associate Director / Strategic Project Management

The NAMM Show social wall represents the joy and excitement that our attendees and exhibitors have before, during, and after the annual event. Our wall colors are vibrant and match the energy of our audience. The wall looks cool and encourages engagement wherever it's featured; On our NAMM Show+ App (powered by Swapcard), our homepage on, and around the show campus in Anaheim on big screens.

Production Pirates Used a Beautifully Designed Social Wall for a Movie Premiere

Production Pirates Belgium displayed a social feed on a cinema screen to elevate the social media impact of the Scream VI movie premiere. Through showcasing real-time social media feeds and actively encouraging viewer engagement, the campaign heightened the excitement surrounding the film and cultivated a lively experience for all cinema-goers.

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