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For your social media wall to get noticed, it needs to have a unique design that fully integrates your brand’s identity including fonts, colors, logo, unique images. Fluid Theme

The Fluid theme

The Fluid theme is’s default theme. Built on a fluid grid style, it allows the tiles to expand according to the content of the post. This theme is a great all-rounder that works well on individual screens, as well as public screens at reception halls, live events, offices, exhibitions, etc.

Preview Grid Theme

The Grid theme

Very similar to the Fluid theme, the Grid theme has a neat, clean, and organised layout, with all the posts aligned on a structured grid. The main difference is that in the Grid theme, all the posts are evenly aligned and won’t expand based on content.

Preview Kiosk Theme

The Kiosk theme

This theme is called Kiosk because we believe it looks best on kiosk-style displays at trade shows, showrooms etc. The Kiosk theme displays one post at a time and uses gorgeous 3D transformations, dynamically adapted background colours and swift animations to make your content really shine.

Preview Map Theme

The Map theme

Many customers are using the Map theme to showcase their global hashtag campaigns. The theme shows social media posts popping up on a map of the world, emphasising that campaign contributions are coming from all over the world.

Preview Billboard Theme

The Billboard theme

With the Billboard theme active, posts on your Wall appear one by one and fullscreen, which opens up a world of unique use cases. This is especially interesting for those who want to display their social wall at an event on a computer or TV screen. Billboard displays the posts, one by one and in a comfortable size for reading on a standard screen, even from a bit further away. Thus it puts an end to a crowd of people bulking up in front of the screen in order to read the ever-changing posts on a more regular layout.

Social Wall Design

Show your brand’s true colours on your social media wall Social Wall Branding Add Brand Logo

Add your logo and link to your website

Having your logo visible on your social wall is a pretty simple way to make it immediately recognisable. Visitors will quickly be able to figure out who runs the social wall and if you hyperlink your logo to your website or campaign microsite, they can easily find out more about your brand and your campaign as well. social wall custom styling.

Customise backgrounds, tiles, and fonts with the Style Editor

Unless you’re a social media manager in a big company where you can simply ask the next IT person to help you with the CSS, you’ll need an easier way to customise your appearance. This is where the Style Editor comes in. No tech skills needed!

You can easily change the tile background, the text colour and the tile border colour. This gives you pretty much endless possibilities of colour combinations.

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Use CSS to create even more amazing design tweaks

Of course, if you prefer to use CSS to customise your Wall or want to additionally change something in the CSS, allows you to do pretty much anything you want and can do with CSS. Here are just a few examples of what you could do with CSS:

  • Add a footer overlay to your Wall
  • Create custom tile footers
  • Assign content-aware tile colours, turning all posts with the hashtag #blue blue etc. Responsive social media wall multiple devices. is all responsive

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