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Y Combinator


Age of Ultron


Starbucks Coffee Company


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Events & Venues is the next-generation social wall for your event or venue! Whether on projector or LCD TV – is a great eyecatcher and connects your audience with what's currently going on in social media!

  • Visualize people's stories about your event on the big screen
  • Incentivize attendees to share their experiences
  • Choose from our beautiful themes or customize the look & feel

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Hashtag Campaigns is the easiest way to successful hashtag marketing! Design your campaign or photo contest around a unique hashtag and let your community spread the word all over the social web!

  • Collect, aggregate & display user-generated content from 10+ social platforms
  • Embed the widget on your campaign website or Facebook Page
  • Easy participation
  • Great organic reach

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You want to build your own project on user-generated content? Let do the hard work and aggregate content from all accross the social web! Using our simple HTTP/REST API, you can easily integrate all those photos, posts, tweets etc. into your own website or native app!

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Supported Social Platforms

Notice: The Hashtag Search API has been discontinued by Facebook on April 30th 2015. This means that searching for public posts containing your keywords is not possible anymore. However, you are still be able to include Facebook Pages to your wall. More details.






Number of hashtags & profiles The number of hashtags or profiles you can use with each social network, on each social wall
Number of social walls Because sometimes one social wall is not enough
Ad-free Get rid of our occasional advertising
Moderation Moderate posts, blacklist users and keywords
Themes Pick one of our 3 beautiful themes
Maps Display posts on a map
Embedabble widget Integrate our iframe on your website
Custom CSS & style editor Style your wall individually
Whitelabel Get rid of the logo
Sponsored tiles Automatically inject your own ads to the wall
API access Build your own apps & websites on top of social content