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With so much choice out there, it’s very difficult to decide which is the best social media wall for your brand. If you’re comparing us to Flockler, we’ve put together a list of things to help you decide on the best solution. Spoiler alert: If you care about security, privacy, moderation, transparency, uptime, customer service, and stability, is surely the best alternative to Flockler. Read on to learn why.

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brands that love cares about data privacy and protects you arms you with the best security and privacy features a social wall solution can provide: 2 Factor Authentication, GDPR/CCPA compliance, Direct Posts, and secret URLs. Our frontend services (i.e., the social wall embedded on your website, displayed on digital screens, or in a web browser) don’t set any cookies by default. We’re not loading any third-party widgets or services. logo
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No third-party cookies: no third-party widgets or services  (Google Fonts, Google Analytics, etc.) loading on your wall

Secret wall URL: generate a secret social wall URL that cannot be found through search

2-Factor Authentication: an additional layer of protection that helps keep your social wall account safe

Direct Posts: users can upload content directly to the wall without posting on their social accounts

(upload form that you have to request access to and buy separately)

Compliance with EU & US/California data protection laws (GDPR & CCPA) offers an experience for your audience

If you give users a way to engage, they’ll keep coming back. That’s why offers interactive experience elements that help you grab people’s attention and get them to engage and contribute to your social wall.

You can also easily combine those engagement elements with your favorite event platform, employee engagement app, website, or digital signage solution. We have an extensive partner network and make sure that everything works smoothly for you. logo
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Reactions: allow your visitors to react to posts by liking them directly on your social wall 

Photo booth add-on: add a virtual photo booth with branded frames to help you collect more UGC

Video autoplay: videos on social walls are not displayed as static thumbnails but play automatically

Live map view: an interactive layout showing Twitter, Facebook, and Direct Posts with geolocation on a Google map

Partnership network: smooth integration with the most popular event platforms, digital signage solutions, marketing, and employee engagement apps

Detail view: when clicked on, posts open in a pop-up to keep visitors on your website

Content sharing: Easy ways for your visitors to amplify and share the content on your wall saves you time & keeps your wall spam-free

Great social wall tools have powerful moderation features that automatically filter all incoming content according to your defined conditions. will keep your wall safe. You have 100% control over what shows up on your social media wall and what doesn’t. logo
Flockler logo

NSFW filter: a powerful image-based spam filter to keep your brand safe

Language filter: only collect posts published in a specific language

Spam filter: filter out spam based on text analysis 

Text filter: include or exclude specific keywords and keyword combinations on a source level

( has advanced content filtering options that save you time)
(you can manually filter content, but only after it’s been aggregated)

Moderation search: search for posts on your social wall with a full-text search option

Allow list: define a list of usernames and keywords that allow posts to be published on your wall even when it’s set to manual moderation

Blocklist: use our default blocklist with the most common spam words  and add your own keywords and phrases to exclude is event-ready and covers more platforms

With, you can choose to go for a monthly/yearly subscription or buy a 30-day event pass, depending on your needs. logo
Flockler logo

Fast updates: fast content updates, no matter if you’re using the wall on a widget, on displays, or for an event

(once per minute or real-time where available)
(only updates every 5-15 minutes, fast updates only available at extra cost)

Number of platforms: social and content networks

(we use official APIs and all our feeds are automated, no need for manual work)
(not all with API connection, so posts have to be added manually via link)

LinkedIn auto feeds: your social wall automatically collects content posted on your LinkedIn pages

( uses LinkedIn's official API and supports automatic updates on Page feeds)
(you have to go to LinkedIn, copy the link to each post & manually add it to the wall)

Additional platforms available through Zapier: the possibility to add Google Reviews, content from Dropbox, Google Sheets, Spotify, Slack, Twitch, Discord and many other platforms to your social wall

(endless platforms available through the official app on Zapier)
(no support for further integrations as they don't have an official app on Zapier)

Direct Posts: users can upload content directly to the wall without posting on their social media accounts

(Direct Posts form integrated in the product)
(upload form that you have to request access to)

30-day event passes: plans tailored to marketers and event professionals that need a social wall for events

( 30-days plans with real-time updates and pricing adapted to your needs)
( 3-day pass only available as an add-on; starts at double the price that charges for 30 days)

Discounts on yearly plans


Number of layouts: choose a design for your social feed that fits your website, display or use case)


Analytics: Insights about wall visitors, posts per network, posts per hashtag and more

(Analytics are available in all paid plans)
(offered as an add-on at extra cost) offers the highest quality of service you can get from a social wall provider

Our team is dedicated to making sure that you have the best experience using our product, no matter which plan you’re on. For our custom plans, we also provide a dedicated customer success manager, free onboarding for your entire team, extended customer support, full assistance with IT/Security & compliance assessments. logo
Flockler logo

Full assistance with IT/Security & compliance assessments

Signing of Data Processing Agreements (D/A/CH: ADV/AVV) for GDPR and CCPA compliance

Assistance during the procurement process: we’re happy to work with your company’s workflows and requirements 

A dedicated customer success manager who onboards your team and does regular check-ins to ensure all your needs are met

API and technical support: 1-on-1 support, developer to developer

High performance & reliable infrastructure: 99.5% guaranteed uptime, fast admin interface, lazy-loading embeds

( has a guaranteed uptime of 99.5% and cares about performance)
(guaranteed uptime is 98% — that’s 175 hours or 7 days downtime per year) is the social wall with the best customer support and product documentation

Don’t settle for anything less than a stellar, proactive customer support team whose goal is to ensure your success with our platform. Helpful content and extremely quick response times are what we’re known for. Our customers are blown away by how we handle their requests and support them every step of the way. Read what they say on Capterra and G2.

The seamless integration of user-generated content has added a personal touch, allowing fans to share their passion in real-time.

Justin Walters

Manager, ThunderVision

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