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Learn how to leverage hashtags for your marketing campaign. Hashtags are one of the pillars of success in social media marketing. In this eBook, you will find the complete guide to using hashtags strategically across different social media channels.

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The benefits of using social walls for hashtag tracking

A hashtag campaign is a marketing initiative that helps you gain social media attention, create engagement, or drive traffic for a specific topic, product or idea. Hashtags can be immensely powerful, going viral and reaching millions of people around the world. Track hashtags, collect powerful hashtag content and use it to achieve your marketing goals.

Using social walls for hashtag campaign benefit #1

Collect valuable user-generated content

Hashtag campaigns are an excellent opportunity to collect user-generated content. Ask people to contribute using your hashtag and offer incentives, such as a chance to win a coupon or free product. Display authentic content posted by them on a social wall. You engage existing customers and, at the same time, introduce your business to new potential buyers, helping people decide to buy from you and boosting your conversions.

Using social walls for hashtag campaign benefit #2

Increase brand recognition and awareness

Introduce brand hashtags that are unique to your brand. They’re a great way to drive awareness of your business and give your followers a way to interact with you. Displaying your posts on a social wall will help your website visitors stay up to date with your brand news.

Using social walls for hashtag campaign benefit #3

Help people follow a conversation

Hashtags allow you to bundle posts about a certain topic on social media, which makes it easier for interested parties to follow the conversation and connect with others who are interested. You can even embed a social wall on your website and populate it with content relevant to whatever page you’re displaying it on. With a social wall, you are not restricted to your own social media content but can collect any that is relevant to your business.

Using social walls for hashtag campaign benefit #4

Make it easy for fans to engage with your brand

Followers are happy to use hashtags that help them express emotion, such as excitement. A good brand hashtag allows them to do just that when talking about your brand. This is why #JustDoIt is a much better hashtag than simply #Nike when posting about your training success. Display the best posts and videos on your website to create trust in your brand and make your website more engaging and fun.

Using social walls for hashtag campaign benefit #5

Spread your message beyond your fan base

Using meaningful hashtags for your posts can expand your reach outside your existing network. Users might not follow your account yet, but when they see someone else using your hashtag, they may click on it to find out more. It’s a chance for you to gain new followers. Reuse the content you created on social media and show it on your website. It will add an interactive element to your website.

Using social walls for hashtag campaign benefit #6

Turn customers into brand ambassadors

Encourage your customers to use your official hashtag and post about their experience with your products, stores or customer service. People really enjoy sharing amazing products or experiences with their community on social media. With a social wall and hashtag, it’s easy to collect these posts in one place. Use this powerful authentic content created by your fans in your marketing to attract new customers. 

How companies use social walls for hashtag campaigns

Cisco event hashtag campaign social wall. Man giving a speech while social media posts pop up on a map social wall projected in the Cisco Leader Day event venue

Cisco handles internal global events with a dedicated hashtag 

8,000 employees, 22 locations, 7 time zones and 1 hashtag: #CiscoLeaderDay. Learn how Cisco used a hashtag on a social wall to centre its social media efforts for one of their biggest global leadership events.

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Ikea website social media feed displayed on a laptop

IKEA engages and inspires online shoppers with its hashtag campaigns

IKEA Poland uses an embedded social wall to display authentic user-generated content posted by customers using the store’s official hashtags.

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hashtag campaign for encouraging kids to eat healthy. this picture shows two kids cooking together with 2 adults.

NatureFresh™ Farms increases engagement with a hashtag campaign

The hashtag campaign #KidsInTheKitchen aims to get families to cook together and children to eat more vegetables. They also compiled user-generated content from the campaign into a healthy cookbook for kids.

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What people say about us

Jason Hawk
Jason Hawk
Director of Sales, Tinkham Veale University Center

Our two-story Media Wall, with its two social walls, keeps our campus community informed and connected. It has affected the way we market and the way other university departments market as well. We get a lot of requests from all over campus, asking us to display specific department accounts or hashtags on the wall. The Media Wall is also an excellent selling point for conferences and workshops hosted at our venue. Event organizers love seeing content for their hashtags show up on the big screens

Sebastian Becker
Sebastian Becker
Communications and Social Media Manager, Generali Cologne Marathon

Running is very emotional. This is why we have been using Walls.io social walls for years. It’s easy to get runners to post their experiences from races and training sessions on social media and share these moments with others. This integration of UGC creates a closer connection between the runners, us and our race.

Nicolas Jones
Nicholas Jones
Social Media Manager, United Way Greater Toronto

Walls.io helps us to really bring our social media and event-specific hashtags to life at our live events. It is the perfect tool for curating and amplifying the best posts from our attendees, and a great way to encourage attendees to post more when they see their content appearing on the big screen. It might seem like a small thing, to post someone’s photo or tweet up for your whole event to see, but attendees consistently give us very positive feedback on the experience, coming up to our social team to ask for more information on this magical tool that saw their post leap out of their phone and into reality.

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