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What is a hashtag wall, and what you can use it for

A hashtag wall is a tool that enables you to easily collect social media posts published by customers and content creators, moderate that content, and let it shine. You can embed a hashtag wall on your website or a display it on a real-life screen. You also get to choose which social media channels you want to include on your hashtag wall. Walls.io offers integrations with the most popular social platforms.

Create a social hub for your campaign

Amplify your social presence and increase brand awareness

Engage your community and collect authentic UGC

Get your campaign up and running in minutes by using one of our hashtag wall layouts

Real-time updates
Full moderation & custom branding
Easy embed on any website

Here you can see a demo wall using the Instagram hashtag #petgrooming, but bear in mind that we also aggregate content from Twitter, as well as many other sources. We even support Direct Posts, so people can post content to your wall even if they don't have a social media account.

Fluid: Our most versatile layout

Bricks: The layout where your images shine

Kiosk: Perfect for big and small screens

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How to create a hashtag wall

Get a Walls.io account and define your content sources

Start your 30-day Walls.io trial and define the sources you would like to pull content from. You can add a combination of hashtags, profiles, and pages depending on the social media channels you choose to add to your social wall. Curate the content and select what you would like to display using advanced moderation features.

Choose from flexible hashtag wall templates

You can easily customize your hashtag wall’s appearance using the Walls.io Style Editor. No tech skills are needed! Change the background, text, and tile border color with just a few clicks. Your hashtag wall will be fully responsive and will always look great no matter the size or resolution of your device. Check the layouts in action and learn all about the design possibilities.

How brands use hashtag walls to get more out of their marketing campaigns

Cadbury uses hashtag walls to make their holiday marketing campaign go viral

Cadbury South Africa encouraged customers and fans to share a message of appreciation using the hashtag #CadburyFestive. The best posts were featured on billboards throughout the country every Friday. The campaign’s main goal was to spread the word about the Cadbury Festive Range of limited edition chocolate bars and other products.

Cadbury's social media wall displayed on a big screen in a shopping mall

Naturefresh™ farms increase engagement with a hashtag campaign

The hashtag campaign #KidsInTheKitchen aims to get families to cook together and children to eat more vegetables. They also compiled User-Generated Content from the campaign into a healthy cookbook for kids.

Kids playing in the kitchen

Raiffeisen Bank România ran an engaging UGC hashtag contest

To celebrate Romania’s National Day and engage with their community Raiffeisen Bank România used a hashtag wall to aggregate content posted by users using their celebration hashtag. There were 1001 photos posted over five days, so the social wall came in as a handy social media tool for managing the campaign.

Picture of a castle in Romania
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eBook: Hashtag Marketing Guide

Book cover of the hashtag marketing guide showing a male and female covering their faces with a hash and share sign

The complete guide to hashtag campaigns

Learn how to leverage hashtags for your marketing campaign. Hashtags are one of the pillars of success in social media marketing. In this eBook, you will find the complete guide to using hashtags strategically across different social media channels.

The benefits of using social walls for hashtag tracking and more

Collect valuable User-Generated Content from customers and influencers

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Increase brand recognition and awareness

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Help people follow a conversation

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Make it easy for fans to engage with your brand

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Spread your message beyond your fan base

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Turn customers into brand ambassadors

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Get started with hashtag tracking in minutes

Track your hashtags, collect authentic content and display it across your marketing channels. 

What people say about our hashtag wall solution

Portrait of Jason Hawk, Director of Sales, Tinkham Veale University Center

“Our two-story Media Wall, with its two social walls, keeps our campus community informed and connected. It has affected the way we market and the way other university departments market as well. We get a lot of requests from all over campus, asking us to display specific department accounts or hashtags on the wall. The Media Wall is also an excellent selling point for conferences and workshops hosted at our venue. Event organizers love seeing content for their hashtags show up on the big screens”

Jason Hawk, Director of Sales, Tinkham Veale University Center

Portrait of Nicholas Jones, Social Media Manager, United Way Greater Toronto

“Walls.io helps us to really bring our social media and event-specific hashtags to life at our live events. It is the perfect tool for curating and amplifying the best posts from our attendees, and a great way to encourage attendees to post more when they see their content appearing on the big screen. Attendees consistently give us very positive feedback on the experience, coming up to our social team to ask for more information on this magical tool that saw their post leap out of their phone and into reality.”

Nicholas Jones, Social Media Manager, United Way Greater Toronto

Ann-Kathrin Neureuther, Communication Manager, UN Decade on Ecosystem Restoration

“Restoring our planet is a task too daunting for any one organization to lead on – even the United Nations. It takes a movement! Walls.io helps us capture the energy of #GenerationRestoration and bring the many actions people are already taking for our planet to the forefront.”

Ann-Kathrin Neureuther, Communication Manager, UN Decade on Ecosystem Restoration

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