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What is a hashtag campaign and what are the benefits

A hashtag campaign is a social media marketing method built around one or more hashtags which help bundle content on social media platforms. You choose a unique hashtag which represents your marketing campaign and is aligned with your goals. Then you ask your customers and fans to post to social media channels using your hashtag.

Motivate people to publish content

Using hashtags helps you bundle posts about a certain topic on social media, which makes it easier for interested parties to follow the conversation and interact with others. You can further motivate participants to publish content with your hashtag by offering discounts or running a competition with an enticing prize.

Spread the message beyond your fan base

When people publish their photos, tweets, and posts using your hashtag the message spreads to their own friends and followers. This, in turn, creates more exposure and reach for your brand.

Improve conversions with user-generated content (UGC)

UGC is certainly one of the most trusted forms of marketing and a lot of people find UGC far more interesting than content created by brands. When people post using your hashtag, they create great original content related to your brand. Other customers will appreciate that content when they’re trying to find out more about your brand. They trust facts and stories by their peers. That authenticity is the key to better conversions.

Gather all hashtag interaction on a social wall

A social wall is a great way to take the fantastic content your fans and users are creating for you and truly let it shine. With, you can collect posts from multiple social platforms, curate the content, and display it on a social wall on your website, a microsite, on Facebook or even on a real-life screen that you have set up somewhere.
Hashtag campaign showcase Cisco

Hashtag campaign showcase

Global Event #CiscoLeaderDay

8,000 people, 22 locations, 7 time zones — learn how Cisco used to centre their social media efforts for one of their biggest global leadership events.
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Boost your hashtag campaign with

Social media content from multiple social platforms
Collect and showcase the best posts, photos or videos from multiple social platforms using hashtags, keywords, and profiles.
A responsive social wall design to fit any use case
Adapt the look and feel of your social media wall with our easy-to-use style editor. No matter what size or resolution your device or embed is, the widget always looks great.
Advanced text & image spam filters
We filter spam based on text analysis as well as image-based NSFW detection, which helps ensure the highest standard of conversation. Easily block spam and abusive posts.
Engaging curated content mixes
A social wall is a great way to mix content types to your heart’s content. You can pull posts from various social media platforms or even create your own content to throw into the mix by using our Native Posts feature.
Intuitive and easy setup process is easy to set up and use and you don’t need to have any coding skills. Setting up a social media wall for your website or event takes just a few minutes!
An advertising space with high ROI
Sponsored Tiles are a great way to make money by getting sponsors for your social wall and offering them ad space on it. Furthermore, Sponsored Tiles are a versatile tool that you can used in various other ways as well.

What people say about us

Paul Kubalek
Digital Media,
Saalbach is using both for special events like ski races as well as a more permanent touristic social media hub. Prominently embedded on our website, the user-generated content collected in our widget provides an authentic view of our region in real time.
Fabian Ziemer
Head of Marketing & Sales, mybigpoint
Each day, tennis fans all over Germany are posting a ton of social media content related to the sport. With we found the perfect partner to power our hashtag campaign #LebeDeinTennis on all our social media channels.
Liz Morgan
Human Resources Representative, Cisco is now our go-to method for our events that take place on a global scale, specifically Cisco Beat. Cisco Beat is a monthly all-employee (around 70,000 people) call.
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