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Why you need moderation for your social wall

Being able to moderate the user-generated content that gets displayed on your Wall is vital, especially if you plan on sharing your feeds in real-time. will keep your Wall safe. You have 100% control over what shows up on your social media wall and what doesn’t. By making good use of our various moderation features, you can easily keep unwanted posts off your Wall.

Automatic social all moderation

Save time with automatic social wall moderation!

By setting your Wall to automatic, you will have all posts with your hashtags immediately published to your Wall. To keep unwanted posts off your Wall, you can use our spam filter and a blacklist.

We’ve already prepared a default blacklist of keywords and phrases to exclude. You can use that list to filter out a lot of spam, and you can always add more yourself or create your very own blacklist. The blacklist, combined with our powerful spam detection algorithm and the ability to block specific users will help you keep your live social wall spam-free.

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Manual social wall moderation

Have full control with manual social wall moderation

If you feel more comfortable approving every post before it goes live, we support that too! Simply choose manual moderation and customise it by whitelisting some phrases or specific accounts. Posts containing words, names, or phrases you added to your whitelist, will be published automatically. advanced spam filtering feature

Use the strict spam filter to keep your Wall clean

In you can enable the spam filter to automatically hide spam posts. We filter spam based on text analysis as well as image-based NSFW detection, which helps keep spammy posts away from your Wall. You can set the sensitivity of the spam filter and even manually tag content as spam. language filter moderation

Display posts in the language of your audience

You only want to show your audience content that they can understand, otherwise they will not act. If you have a website in German let's say, you can choose to only display German posts on your social media wall. You can also combine more languages if your event or website has a multilingual audience. post looping feature

Give your Wall a boost using post looping

You can keep your Wall from looking static by enabling “post looping”. This feature is helpful if your hashtag is experiencing a lull or regular phases of inaction. When you use “post looping”, periodically reposts already approved content from your Wall to the top.

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