A private social wall for private events and more

Not everyone has a public social media account, or some events call for confidentiality, and that’s precisely where private social walls come in to help you boost engagement.

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What is a private social wall

A private social wall is a tool that allows you to collect posts, photos, and videos from your audience, no matter if they have public social media accounts or not. It’s a great engagement tool for internal company events and events that have an audience that is not very active on social media or has privacy concerns. Be it leadership events, company Christmas or summer parties, employee appreciation events, or any other kind of internal event your brand plans on organizing.

Engage with your audience embedding an Instagram feed on your website

Increase engagement during internal events

Increase your reach  embedding an Instagram feed on your website

Collect even more User-Generated Content

Promote your products  embedding an Instagram feed on your website

Entertain your attendees with interactive displays

How to make your social wall private

Create a secret link for accessing your private social wall

To ensure that your event stays private, set your wall to “private” in your Walls.io settings. Then, only those with whom you share your private link will be able to view the social wall. It will also not show up in Google search results.

Allow attendees to post directly to your wall using a custom form

You can use our Direct Posts feature to allow attendees to post messages and photos directly to the wall, so your event stays private and engaging at the same time. Here's a great example of how well a private wall worked for S&P Global Market Intelligence.

Even if your event isn't confidential, this feature is a great way of inviting absolutely anyone to interact with your social wall. People who aren’t on social media or that prefer not to post on social media to submit to a wall, will now have a chance to do so without compromising their privacy.

Why brands love internal event social walls

Cisco logo
Portrait of Liz Morgan, Human Resources Representative, Cisco

“Walls.io is now our go-to method for events that take place on a global scale, specifically Cisco Beat. Cisco Beat is a monthly all-employee (around 70,000 people) call.”

Liz Morgan, Human Resources Representative, Cisco

Create engagement beyond social media

Get started with a private social wall to capture the best moments and create a different level of engagement.

The benefits of using a private social wall

A social wall is a fun way to capture the best moments of any internal event — be it a company event, an exclusive customer event, or an employee’s birthday.

Increase engagement beyond social media

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Collect more User-Generated Content that doesn’t exist elsewhere

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Involve everyone and remove all the content contribution limitations

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It’s super easy to post with Direct Posts + QR code

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Get started with your private social wall

Create a social wall for your private event and share it with your attendees in minutes.

Mix content from endless sources

Direct Posts logo

Direct Posts

Allow visitors to upload text and photos directly

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Pages, page mentions, albums

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Hashtags, business profiles

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Keywords, hashtags, profiles, collections, lists

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Keywords, profiles, playlists

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Keywords, subreddits

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Keywords, blogs

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RSS feeds

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Hashtags, profiles

Check out many more content sources.

How brands use private social walls

S&P Global used a private social wall to engage more than 5000 attendees during an internal event

Attendees’ thoughts and feedback mattered a lot to the event organizers and sponsors, and the social wall made that possible with transparency and efficiency. The level of engagement on various activities sparked greater interest amongst the attendees. Their posts spoke about the learning takeaways, impact on their career aspirations, and their general experience of the virtual event.

 S&P Global used a private social wall to engage more than 5000 attendees during an internal event

A social wall to celebrate its 10th year as a company by BearingPoint

To celebrate their 10th year as a company, BearingPoint's international consulting company organized an internal CSR campaign called 10 Days of Caring. They used a social media wall to display content on their intranet and screens at their various offices worldwide,  motivating employees to take part in the philanthropic campaign.

BearingPoint employees taking part on a philanthropic campaign

An internal global company event by Cisco

More than 8,000 people, 22 locations, 7 time zones, 1 Cisco Leader Day. Cisco uses Walls.io to create a communication hub for one of its most significant global leadership events.

Corporate Cisco event. The photo shows a speaker and Cisco's employees and a screen showing a social media wall with the maps theme, showing posts from all over the world
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