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The benefits of using a private social wall

A social wall is a fun way to capture the best moments of any private event — be it a wedding, anniversary, birthday — and share them with family and friends. You can also add a social wall to your travel or food blog. At private parties, a social wall shows unique perspectives captured by your guests without having to hire several professional photographers. You’re putting the photos your friends and family are already taking to good use.

benefit of using a private social wall #1

See your event through your guests’ eyes

Use your personal party hashtag to collect social media posts from your guests and display them during your party. You’ll discover that your guests will provide some of the most beautiful pictures with the most unusual perspectives.

benefit of using a private social wall #2

Let absentee loved ones be a part of it

A private social wall is a wonderful way for friends and loved ones who couldn’t make it to follow along. Your own and your guests’ photos, all tagged with your party hashtag, will create a live stream of your event. Simply share the link to your private wall with friends and family for those who can’t join you in person.

benefit of using a private social wall #3

Entertain your guests with a live social slide show

A live social media slide show is a unique way to share the best moments right as they’re happening. Set up a large TV display or projector at your party so everyone can get a 360° view of the celebrations. People get to post their own shots using your hashtag and, together, you will create a collage of your celebration.

benefit of using a private social wall #4

Keep sharing your special moments

A social wall puts a modern and interactive twist on the good old slide show — and it’s instantly available. After your big event, a social wall is a great way for you and your guests to look back on the day.

benefit of using a private social wall #5

Keep your blog fresh and up to date

If you keep a blog about your travels, a hobby, your upcoming wedding or just a place where you share your thoughts, an embedded social wall is a perfect addition. It adds a dynamic element to your blog, is always up to date and shares your social media posts with your readers. 

benefit of using a private social wall #6

Share impressions of your travels

Use a social wall for your personal holiday slideshow. Post your snapshots to social media, using a very individual hashtag that is only used by you. Set up a social wall with your hashtag and, voilá, your family and friends can follow along with your trip. Or, more old-school, you can show your folks the wall on a screen when you’re back at home to share your latest adventures.

A secret link for your social wall

Social walls for private parties, gatherings or events will often include posts that share private moments that you don’t want the general public to see. Don’t worry! To make sure that those moments stay private, simply set your wall to “private” in your settings. Then, only those with whom you share your private link will be able to view the social wall. It will also not show up in Google search results.

Post directly to a social wall from Facebook Messenger

Some of your guests may not use social media or, even if they do, may not want to share the intimate moments of your private gathering publicly on their timelines. Fortunately, there’s a secure way to post directly to your social wall. You and your audience can post to your social wall through Facebook Messenger without actually posting the information to your Facebook profile.

How people use private social walls

private wedding social wall displaying happy couples getting married

A wedding social wall to capture the best moments

Iwona and Angelo created a dedicated wedding hashtag for their special day. Find out how they set it up and encouraged their guests to use it.

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Michael Kamleitner private social wall for birthday party during pandemic

A birthday social wall to celebrate remotely

During the COVID-19 lockdown, it was impossible to celebrate birthdays together, so we took it online. Find out how we used a social wall to collect birthday wishes for our CEO.

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private social wall used as a live photo album. Featured image with blogger family in San Francisco.

A live photo album to share happy moments

Ray and Charlyn document their adventures as parents on a blog with an embedded social wall. First, they only wanted to display their Instagram posts, but soon the social wall developed into a shareable photo album of all their adventures.

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Michael Chandra
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Ray Singca
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We came up with the idea to write about our trips but also about the experiences we have in our daily life. Primarily for us to be able to look back on those adventures but also to have something for our daughter Quinn to see and read when she’s older. The social wall is a nice add-on feature for our website, and it works well with the content of our blog. While the blog offers longer articles, the social wall complements it with shorter stories!

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