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Brand social hubs

Display all your branded social media content on your social hub. Mix it with posts from your happy customers and influencers to increase brand awareness and trust. Learn more about brand social hubs.

brand social media hub embedded on a website and displayed on a computer screen
digital signage solutions for social media walls

Digital signage

Curate content from multiple social media platforms and display it on a social wall. Integrate the social wall on your digital signage device for more interactive content. Learn more about how to display your social wall.


Use a live social wall at your event to connect with your audience and create a sense of community. Highlight speakers and workshops or sell ad space to your sponsors. Learn more about how to include a social wall in your event.

Two people having a conversation on stage at DMEXCO with a social wall for events displaying social media posts on a TV screen next to them
social wall as a solution for hashtag campaign example image showing a man's tattooed hand pointing to a hashtag sign post it on a wall

Hashtag campaigns

Collect and display all social media content from your hashtag campaign in one place. Showcase the best posts, photos and videos from multiple social platforms on a hashtag wall. Learn more about hashtag campaigns.

Instagram walls

Collect photos and videos from Instagram on an Instagram wall. Highlight the best posts on your company website or feature it on a display during your event. Learn more about creating an Instagram wall.

An Instagram hashtag wall embedded on a website
Social Wall for Private Events displayed on a laptop at a birthday party showing social posts with kids having fun

Private events

Use a private social wall for occasions that you don’t want to share with the public. Collect posts from your guests on a private social wall to create a unique experience. Learn more about creating a private social wall.

Internal communication

Showcase social media content that represents your company and its core values on a social wall to connect with employees, attract new candidates and create a sense of community. Learn more about using a social wall for internal communication.

A Social Media Wall for HR Professionals displayed on a screen in an office during a meeting
Twitter wall for hashtag campaigns or events. A passer by has a look at a Twitter wall digital signage display in a public space.

Twitter walls

Aggregate content from Twitter accounts and hashtags on a Twitter wall. It’s a great way to let the fantastic content you and your fans are creating shine. Learn more about creating a Twitter social wall.

Virtual events

Offer an interactive and engaging experience by integrating a social wall into your virtual event set-up. Use it to connect with your attendees and speakers, and make your event more engaging. Learn more about integrating a social wall in your virtual event.

Woman watching a live dance show on her laptop and scrolling through the social feed. Social media for virtual events solution by
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