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Call-to-Action Buttons

Turn content into sales with Call-to-Action Buttons. Boost conversions by collecting authentic user-generated content and connecting it to your business.

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Lead Generation

Collect leads and user-generated content in one go. Add the Lead Generation feature to your social wall and start collecting valuable customer information.

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Content Sources

Walls.io allows you to collect, curate, and display content from social platforms, RSS feeds or direct uploads done by your audience. Endless other integrations are also available through Zapier.

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Custom Design

Six social wall layouts to choose from, fully responsive design, social feed automatic scrolling, user-friendly design editor, no coding skills needed, logo upload and CSS customization available.

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Direct Posts

Double the content and the fun with Direct Posts. Massively increase content on your social wall with Direct Posts. Let people upload content directly.

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Live Polls

Polls are a great tool to drive engagement, encouraging people to voice their opinions. Used on social walls, Polls will help with voting (e.g. in a contest), help you break the ice at meetings, and collect data.

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Manual or automatic content approval, unlimited social wall moderators, language and keyword filters, automated spam filtering for images and text, remote moderation from any device.

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Privacy & Security

To help you keep your accounts secure and ensure you comply with the data privacy laws in your country, Walls.io has the best security and privacy features a social wall solution can provide.

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Make your social walls interactive with Reactions. Let visitors like posts and show their opinion directly on your social wall.

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Social Wall API

Our meta-API makes connecting to social media networks easy because you only have to connect to one programming interface. A time-saver for your development team.

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Social Media Aggregator

With the Walls.io social aggregator software, you can collect and showcase the best posts, photos or videos from the most popular social networks and other sources.

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Sponsored Posts

Generate revenue with Sponsored Posts. Feature your sponsors and partners on a social media wall at events, shops or websites using Sponsored Posts.

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Website Social Media Feed

We make it easy for you to embed a social media feed on a website or anywhere you like. The Walls.io social media feed integrates seamlessly with any CMS or website builder.

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Unlimited Curation

Curate content that resonates with your audience. Encourage fans to submit their own. Grow your brand with curated social content by featuring happy customers in your marketing efforts.

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Virtual Photo Booth

Power your social wall with a virtual photo booth. Add a virtual photo booth to your social wall and boost engagement at events with branded selfies.


WordPress social feed plugin

The Walls.io social media feed integrates seamlessly with any CMS or website builder, but if you're using WordPress we even have a dedicated plugin for you.

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