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Master Event Planning with the Ultimate Event Professional’s Toolkit

Preview of the documents included in the Event Professional's Toolkit
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Elevate your events with ease by accessing a goldmine of resources. This toolkit includes versatile templates, checklists, innovative ideas, best-practice examples, and an AI-powered suite for cutting-edge event planning and marketing.

What’s inside the event Professional’s toolkit?

This toolkit is not simply a collection of concepts and templates; it is a tactical partner in your mission to create events that truly resonate with each participant. Seize the chance to design experiences that are not only memorable and captivating but also reinforce your dedication to excellence in the event industry.

What you get:

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Lists with event ideas

Preview of the lists included in the Event Professional's Toolkit
  • Event Gamification Ideas: Turn participants into active players. The toolkit is your treasure trove of gamification strategies that promise to leave a lasting impression.
  • Live Event Poll Ideas: Stay in tune with your audience with our live polling ideas. This list helps you take the pulse of attendee preferences and increase engagement.
  • Trade Show Booth Ideas: Stand out in a sea of exhibitors with our innovative tradeshow ideas, featuring creative and compelling booth activities that draw crowds and spark conversations.
  • Event Activation Ideas: The attendee activation ideas help you create experiences that leave a lasting impact. Start planning moments that will resonate beyond your event.
  • Social Media Content Ideas: Keep a solid social media presence throughout all phases of your event. The toolkit ensures that the digital impact of your event mirrors the live excitement.
  • Engaging Event Format Ideas: Rethink the structure of your event. Offer a spectrum of interactive setups, from master classes to virtual reality encounters.
  • Event Content Repurposing Ideas: Extend the reach of your event with our content repurposing ideas. Repurpose speaker presentations and attendee-generated content across multiple media formats.
  • Crisis Management Ideas: Our crisis management tips equip you with strategies to anticipate and effectively respond to the unexpected.

Don’t miss out on innovative event ideas. Get your copy of the toolkit now and engage your attendees like never before!

Event checklists

Preview of the checklists included in the Event Professional's Toolkit
  • Event Planning Checklist: Embark on a structured journey to orchestrate your ideal event with this checklist. Stay streamlined and focused from the initial budgeting phase to the final vendor selection.
  • Event Day Checklist: Ensure flawless execution on the day of your event. Use a tactical approach to oversee all activities from initial setup to final teardown.
  • Event Venue Checklist: The atmosphere of your event depends on the venue you choose. Use this checklist as a navigator to identify key factors to consider when preparing a venue.
  • Event Accessibility Checklist: Accessibility is a cornerstone of event planning. This checklist is your ally in creating an inclusive environment and ensuring that every attendee can fully participate.
  • Social Media Engagement Checklist: Harness the power of social media to increase the visibility and impact of your event. This checklist will help you implement a powerful strategy before, during, and after your event.

Stay organized and in control. Download our essential Event Checklists to ensure your event is flawless from start to finish.

Event guides

Preview of the guides included in the Event Professional's Toolkit
  • Event Hashtag Strategy Guide: Create a compelling event narrative with a powerful hashtag that captures the spirit of your event and amplifies its social media presence.
  • Attendee UGC Contest Guide: Energize your event with creative contests that encourage content creation and sharing. This guide provides a roadmap for hosting a successful attendee UGC contest.
  • Event Social Proof Guide: Establish your event's credibility with methods to highlight attendee satisfaction through reviews and influencer endorsements.
  • Attendee Networking Guide: Enhance attendee interaction with innovative strategies and tools to foster authentic connections. Add an unmatched networking value to your event.
  • Virtual Event Best Practices Guide: Lead the virtual event industry with expert advice on technical setup, audience engagement, and online content delivery. Master the art of virtual event execution.

Enhance your event planning skills with our expert guides. Download the toolkit and start creating impactful and engaging events today!

KPIs & statistics

Preview of the KPIs and Stats included in the Event Professional's Toolkit
  • Event UGC Statistics: Harness the power of your audience by taking a deep dive into the user-generated content statistics that shape your event's online presence and engagement. 
  • Event KPIs for Event Planners: Dive into a handpicked collection of key performance indicators (KPIs) designed to help you measure success and attendee satisfaction as an event planner.
  • Event KPIs for Tradeshow Exhibitors: Uncover and implement critical key performance indicators (KPIs) to increase your tradeshow presence and success. Track lead generation and increase engagement at your next show.

Measure success and optimize your events with precision. Download the toolkit now to access crucial Event KPIs and statistics.

Event Tech

Preview of the Event Tech documents included in the Event Professional's Toolkit
  • Event Tech Platforms: Explore and use the best all-in-one event technology platforms offering tools to easily manage everything from registration to attendee engagement.
  • Event Marketing Software: Use the most effective event marketing software to promote your events across multiple channels, from integrated email campaigns to social media engagement.

Embrace the power of technology for your events. Get the toolkit and discover the best Event Tech Platforms and Marketing Software.

Event Templates

Preview of the templates included in the Event Professional's Toolkit
  • Event Marketing Timeline Template: Get ready to increase the impact of your event with a marketing timeline template that covers every angle! This customizable template is hosted on Google Sheets.
  • Event Budget Template: The event budget template is your financial compass, providing a detailed layout for managing all costs. This customizable template is hosted in Google Sheets.
  • Event Sponsorship Proposal Template: Turn brands into sponsors with a proposal template that highlights value and vision. This customizable template is hosted on Google Slides.
  • Event Evaluation Survey Template: The success of your event is in the details — make sure you know what resonated with attendees. This customizable template is hosted on Google Forms.
  • Event Press Release Template: Make headlines with a press release that stands out. This customizable template is hosted on Google Slides.
  • Attendee Testimonial Collection Template: Let your attendees do the talking and watch your event reputation soar. This customizable template can be used on Notion.

Simplify your planning process with our ready-to-use templates. Download the toolkit for templates that will save you time and effort.

Engaging event examples

Preview of the examples included in the Event Professional's Toolkit
  • Photo Contest by Airmeet: Capture attendee excitement with Airmeet's innovative "Snap and Win" contest, a proven engagement booster.
  • Employee Engagement by BearingPoint: Foster a vibrant culture like BearingPoint's by leveraging events and social initiatives to drive employee engagement and content creation.
  • Tradeshow Success by NAMM: Experience the excitement of The NAMM Show's triumphant success with strategies that drew in thousands.
  • Fundraising Events by United Way Greater Toronto: Enhance your fundraising efforts with United Way Greater Toronto's approach to using social walls to increase reach and engagement.
  • Live Stream & Social Displays by Google: Discover Google's secret to dynamic attendee engagement through integrated social displays at their hybrid events.
  • Trade Show Booth Engagement by Delta Electronics EMEA: Learn from Delta Electronics EMEA how an interactive social wall can transform a tradeshow booth into an engaging, content-rich hub.

Inspire your next event with real-world success stories. Download the toolkit and learn from the best!

Event AI Toolkit

Preview of the Event AI toolkit included in the Event Professional's Toolkit
  • Time-saving ChatGPT Prompts for Event Marketers: Unlock the secret to efficient event marketing with our curated, time-saving ChatGPT prompts designed to streamline your workflow and maximize audience engagement.
  • AI Tools for Event Professionals: Revolutionize your event planning with cutting-edge AI tools designed for event professionals to enhance attendee interactions and automate complex tasks.

Future-proof your event planning with AI. Download the Event AI Toolkit now and leverage ChatGPT prompts and AI tools for your events.

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