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Collect content from multiple social media platforms

Use a social wall to boost fan engagement and let fans show their support by sending messages to the team. Display sports social media content on your website or showing fan-generated content on a social wall at live events. You can also create hashtag campaigns for sports events to increase attendee interaction. A social wall can aggregate content from multiple social media platforms. 

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The benefits of sports social media walls

Dynamic social walls are a great alternative to static ads, especially in sports. A live feed draws attention by mixing sponsor messages with authentic sports social media content created by fans. It boosts engagement from viewers and has the power to ignite team spirit and create excitement. That also means more eyeballs for your sponsors’ ads.

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Connect fans and players

Social media is used by teams to announce essential updates and by fans to comment on the team’s performance during major sports events. A social wall brings all the updates, news, comments and fan support to one place, opening a channel between teams and fans.

sports social media benefit #2

Leverage sports social media content

Players, teams and sports associations use social media to establish their brand, connect with fans, broadcast updates, and even endorse other brands. Leverage this social media content by showcasing it on a website or event with a social wall.

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Boost attendee engagement

A social wall has the power to build excitement among attendees at major sports events. Events often also create hashtags to encourage attendee-generated content. A social wall collects all content tagged with the hashtag and displays it at the event so attendees can see their posts and those by other fans. 

sports social media benefit #4

Create interactive sports experiences

While social walls are particularly well suited for large-scale team sports, other sports activities like marathons can also benefit. Use a live feed to enhance community sense by letting people share their progress and show their support. Attendees from different parts of the world can also interact through a social wall.

sports social media benefit #5

Increase sports brand awareness

Turn fans and sports stars into influencers by encouraging them to post about your sports brand. Their endorsement will let the world know how trustworthy your brand is. Gathering all that user-generated content on a social wall and embedding it on your website will increase your brand awareness.  

sports social media benefit #6

Add sponsored ads and generate revenue

Adding sponsored content to a social wall allows you to generate revenue similarly to how you would with static ads. If you display the social wall on a big screen at an event, you can sell advertising spots to local or international businesses and then choose how often an ad shows up. The live social feed will help draw attention to your sponsors’ messages.

Sports and social media are a powerful combination

Real-time sports events are fantastic for social media interaction. 80% of sports fans interact with social media sites while watching a game live on TV. But even while no live events are on, 61% of sports viewers still follow their favourite sports online. It’s no surprise that 93.3% of global sports leaders agree that fans’ social media engagement will likely grow further in the next five to ten years. Source: Rosy Strategies.

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sports event social media walls

event walls

Use a social wall to engage attendees during sports-related events, whether it’s a marathon or a basketball game, a major sports league or local soccer match. A social wall will be an excellent motivator for people to post, which will, in turn, help you ignite team spirit and motivate participants.

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permanent displays

Display a social wall in your office building or stadium during practice. Show content shared by fans to make athletes feel supported. Share important updates, news, and fan-generated content. Players and fans will appreciate it.

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social media for sports permanent display social wall
sports social media feed for website

website widgets

A social media feed helps you keep your website up to date with content that you already create for your social media channels. Add authentic fan-generated content. Stay in control of posts displayed on your wall thanks to powerful moderation features.

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Rolanda Gregory
Rolanda Gregory
Vice President of Marketing, The Memphis Grizzlies

We switched to because we wanted a more aesthetic view of our social media posts across all of our brand website properties. The feedback has been great as the layout of the content looks much better and is easier to read.


Sports social media examples

The NBA team Dallas Mavericks giving autographs to their fans. A great example of a sports team using social media to connect to their fans.

A social feed is part of the Dallas Mavericks fan experience

The NBA team Dallas Mavericks implemented a social media feed on the Dallas Mavs homepage and their mobile app for fast and easy communication with fans in real-time. The feed collects all relevant social media posts from various channels and displays them unified in one central place.

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Ferrari social media wall live display during a race.

Ferrari reaps the benefits of using a live social media feed

Famous Formula One brand Ferrari is doing a great job producing content for their social media profiles. They then reuse this content in a live social media feed embedded on various Ferrari websites. The social wall is even displayed on a screen in the Ferrari pit stop during races.

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Montreal Canadiens during a game. They use a live Twitter wall display during the games to engage their supporters.

Montréal Canadiens use Twitter feed on stadium screen

The NHL team Motréal Canadiens created a Twitter campaign to connect fans and players via a 10-foot screen. Fans could tweet their messages of encouragement using a hashtag, which would then be displayed on a massive screen in the Habs’ home stadium during training.

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