Social media for eCommerce platforms and online shops

Use a social wall to display powerful User-Generated Content which helps to promote your products, offer inspiration and increase your revenue

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How to use social walls in eCommerce

Website widgets

Using a social wall on your eCommerce platform will help you drive engagement and create authenticity by displaying User-Generated Content. Additionally, a social feed keeps your website up-to-date with powerful social proof and the social media posts you already create.

Ikea store embedded Instagram hashtag feed on website

Permanent displays

Display a social wall in your office, cafeteria or production site. Give your employees insight into how your customers use the product and how much they love it. You can also use it for internal monitoring of mentions of your brand or specific terms or products.

Ikea store embedded Instagram hashtag feed on website
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Customer stories

Using social media in eCommerce

Wallpaper From the 70S Boosts Sales With a UGC Gallery Embed

Wallpaper from the 70s encourages customers to share their wallpaper in action. Their social wall is seamlessly integrated on their website, showcasing beautiful real-life examples of their products.

Cadbury Amplifies Hashtag Campaign Using Social Displays

An excellent hashtag campaign example by Cadbury South Africa successfully combines digital signage, influencer marketing, and social media walls.

Collect content from multiple platforms

Create an interactive shopping experience with a social wall. Collect the social media posts your customers and influencers share and display them on a live social feed. Link those posts directly to your products and mix it up by adding special deals or discounts to your wall.

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Direct Posts

Allow visitors to upload text and photos directly

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The benefits of using social media for eCommerce

Posts and videos published by happy customers and influencers are a goldmine for eCommerce websites. Nothing is more inspiring and reassuring about the quality of a product than seeing other people use it. Displaying these accolades on a social wall has many benefits.

1. Boost engagement with your brand on social media

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2. Increase shop revenue with trustworthy social content

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3. Create desire and traffic through social media

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4. Let your influencers shine

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5. Capitalise on User-Generated Content

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6. Motivate Employees

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Social media has a high impact on eCommerce

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