How the tourism industry benefits from social media walls

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Collect content from multiple social media platforms

User-generated social media content can help people discover new places to travel to or amazing hotels and restaurants that are already vetted by their friends and family. Collect content that your guests are sharing on social media in a live social feed and then mix it with owned content such as deals or event announcements. Choose which social media channels you want to include in your social wall. offers integrations with the most popular social platforms.
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Using social media walls in hospitality and tourism

Hotels, restaurants, local tourist offices, agencies, travel portals and local attractions use social media walls to collect amazing content and expand their reach. Here’s how you, too, can benefit from a social media wall.

Gain influential brand ambassadors
Encourage your customers to use your official hashtag and post on social media about how amazing staying at your hotel or dining at your restaurant was. People enjoy sharing special moments on social media, and that is powerful authentic content that you can then use in your marketing.

Boost conversions by adding authentic UGC to your website
Before booking a trip, hotel or restaurant, people look at what previous visitors have had to say. Having a social wall displaying authentic content posted on social media by your customers will help people decide to book with you and will boost your conversions.

Engage customers and enhance their experience
Make your customers’ experience even better by providing tips for day trips, daily menus, local attractions, recommending local businesses and sharing other local advice pertinent to your guests on your social media wall.

Increase your social media reach with hashtag campaigns
Create a one-off hashtag campaign and offer incentives, like a raffle for a free weekend at your hotel or a voucher for a meal. Campaigns like that are excellent for introducing your hotel to new potential guests and get people to return.

Make people want to come back
Returning customers are even better than new customers. To get customers to return, as well as engage more with your business on social media, create an ongoing hashtag campaign. You could run a competition for the best photo of the month, with a free weekend, a trip or a delicious dinner as the coveted reward.

Generate revenue by displaying sponsored posts
A social wall can also help you generate revenue by displaying sponsored ads. If you display the social media wall on a big screen in a prominent place, you can sell advertising spots to local businesses and show their ads or a simple logo on your social wall to alert guests to things they can do locally.
Social Media in Tourism

Social media is a powerful marketing tool for tourism

Hospitality and tourism marketing isn’t the one-sided method it used to be, where it’s all about telling everyone how great we are. Nowadays, travellers are more than ever relying on word of mouth. In response, the tourism and hospitality industry is turning to social media to promote its services and to engage people in a more personal way. (Source: MDG)

How the hospitality industry can use social walls

event walls for tourism

Event Walls

Use a social wall to engage guests during events. Be it corporate events organised at your hotel, parties, themed evenings at your restaurant, or staff events — a social wall will let you connect with your customers, help you collect authentic content and spread the word about your business.
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tourism digital social media boards

Permanent displays

Town halls, museums, tourist organisations, hotels, tour organisers, and restaurants all around the world use social displays to inform, engage and encourage people to share their experience on social media.
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social media feed for travel website

Website widgets

A social media wall on your website helps you keep your website up to date with content that you already create for your social media channels. It also adds compelling social proof by displaying customer UGC that will help boost conversions.
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Showcase Saalbach Hinterglemm
Paul Kubalek
Digital Media Manager, Tourist Board Saalbach Hinterglemm
Saalbach is using both for special events like ski races as well as a more permanent touristic social media hub. Prominently embedded on our website, the user-generated content collected in our widget provides an authentic view of our region in real-time.

Case Studies

Using social media walls in hospitality and tourism

Schallaburg museum engages visitors with a social media display
Schallaburg, a Renaissance castle and museum in Lower Austria, used a social media wall display as part of its seasonal exhibition, encouraging visitors to contribute by using the exhibition’s official hashtag.

Restplatzbörse boosts conversions with a social widget
The travel platform uses a social wall widget on its website to connect Facebook posts to exclusive deals. With over 70,000 hotels and more than 70 operators, Restplatzbörse uses to integrate hand-picked offers from Facebook directly on the homepage.

Saalbach uses a social wall for the World Ski Cup
The Tourist Board of Saalbach Hinterglemm used a social media wall to aggregate hashtags for the Ski World Cup. They embedded the wall on their website and encouraged visitors to engage and post about the event on social media.
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