Social media for healthcare and medical services

Use a social media wall to connect with your audience, educate the public about healthcare topics and raise awareness for medical conditions

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How to use social walls for healthcare

Event walls

Use a social wall to engage participants during health-related events, whether it’s charity or fundraising events, conferences or dedicated awareness days for particular health issues. A social wall will be an excellent motivator for people to post, which will, in turn, help you spark conversions and raise awareness.

Screen showing a social wall on a stage during a talk by two healthcare experts

Permanent displays

Display a social wall in your hospital, waiting room or staff room. Show content shared by satisfied patients to enhance trust. Share medical information and educational materials and mix it up with “behind the scenes” footage to make your work transparent and understandable. Your patients will value it.

A permanent display on the street showing a healthcare related social wall

Website widgets

A social media feed helps you keep your website up to date with content that you already create for your social media channels. Add amazing User-Generated Content by your satisfied patients to create social proof. Stay in control of the posts displayed on your wall thanks to powerful moderation features.

A person browsing the embedded social wall of a healthcare website
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Case studies

Using social media walls for healthcare

two black women working with laboratory samples

Janssen is using a social media feed to share the latest innovations

Janssen, a pharmaceutical company, is using a social wall to share information about their latest news. They display the social wall prominently on their homepage to allow their visitors to easily explore their latest achievements and activities. By using a real-time social feed, they keep their website up to date with content they already created for their social media channels.

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social media feed embedded on Rochester's website

Rochester Regional Health uses a social wall to spread joy during a crisis

Rochester Regional Health, a health services organisation in the New York area, has used a social wall to build a digital neighbourhood that brings hope, warmth, and a spirit of kindness to everyone in their community during the COVID-19 outbreak. They encourage their community to post and interact, which creates a sense of belonging. Especially during times of isolation, the social wall offers a way to maintain engagement with the community and to uplift their mental well being.

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A teacher in a laboratory showing students how to evaluate samples

University Hospital Münster uses a social wall to educate their patients

University Hospital Münster stands for cutting-edge medicine within the German hospital landscape. They use a social wall on their homepage to educate the public, provide a behind-the-scenes look into their work and disseminate information about their latest progress in research. They also use it for fundraising and to encourage people to donate blood or goods.

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Collect content from multiple platforms

Engage with your audience and share information, educational resources or cutting-edge scientific progress. Encourage and utilise user-generated content to create trust in your company and services. Aggregate content from hashtags, profiles and pages and select the content you want to display.

Direct Posts logo

Direct Posts

Allow visitors to upload text and photos directly

Facebook logo


Pages, page mentions, albums

Instagram logo


Hashtags, business profiles

Twitter logo


Keywords, hashtags, profiles, collections, lists

TikTok logo



Pinterest logo



Youtube logo


Keywords, profiles, playlists

Vimeo logo



Reddit logo


Keywords, subreddits

Flickr logo



Tumbrl logo


Keywords, blogs

RSS logo


RSS feeds

VKontakte logo


Hashtags, profiles

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The benefits of social media for healthcare

Social media and healthcare are a powerful combination. You can connect with patients and caregivers, share information, discuss health care policies, promote health awareness and communicate with the public. Use photos, videos and information that is already published every day and display it on a real-time social feed.

1. Engage and connect with patients

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2. Attract new and retain existing customers

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3. Increase the level of trust

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4. Raise public awareness

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5. Publicise your research and stay up-to-date

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6. Enable and support self-care for patients

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Why social media is a valuable tool for healthcare

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