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University of Michigan
Celtic Colours Festival

Working with big companies means that we are not always able to use social networks during an event, having the possibility to use’s Direct Post feature helped us use the social wall without being bound by social networks!

Mario Baldantoni

Global Production Coordinator


Masters of Magic

Rotary International’s Pacific Northwest PETS, one of the largest in the world for training nearly 800 Rotary leaders, has been effectively using the platform for three years now. This year, we noticed a substantial difference in the time of adoption by our attendees. As soon as we fired the wall up in the ballroom, the posts and photos started pouring in! All of our vendors were so thrilled that they have all signed up already for next year.

Michelle O'Brien

Public Image Coordinator


Rotary Zone 24W, 2018-2021

Each day, tennis fans all over Germany are posting a ton of social media content related to the sport. With we found the perfect partner to power our hashtag campaign #LebeDeinTennis on all our social media channels.

Fabian Ziemer

Head of Marketing & Sales