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Collect content from multiple social media platforms

Many financial services providers create high-quality social media content. This content doesn’t have to stay on one social platform. Instead, you can select posts from different channels and bring them together. 

Gather your best, if not all, social media content from different hashtags, profiles and pages. You choose the content you want to display on your social wall. We offer integrations for the most popular social media platforms. 

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Social media for financial services is more important than you might think. Financial brands want clients to trust their services just as much as clients appreciate reliable financial assistance. You can harness social media’s power to strengthen bonds with your customers by using a social wall.

Social media benefit for financial services #1

Gain customer trust

Being active on social media helps you build visibility for your brand. By collecting social media content in a live feed and embedding it on your website, you gain social media followers and website visitors’ trust. Through your social media posts, they get to know your brand better.

Social media benefit for financial services #2

Solve any issues

Set up a hashtag campaign dedicated to customer service issues. Showcase solved queries tagged with the hashtag on a social wall and display the feed on your website. Customers will realise how effective your customer service is and trust you to help them as well. 

Social media benefit for financial services #3

Engage employees

Use a social feed to show off content published by your employees. Motivate them to represent your company outside the office by posting photos, videos or messages. They can tag them with the company hashtag, so their content will show up on your social wall. 

Social media benefit for financial services #4

Tell your brand’s story

A social media feed can tell your brand’s story. The tiles of your wall can move at the pace you choose, show what you wish, and with the colours you prefer. A personalised social wall keeps viewers informed and creates a cohesive look for your company.

Social media benefit for financial services #3

Combine your content

If you create specific content for different social media platforms, a social wall can bring everything together. Gather content from various social media channels and combine it on a social wall. Show off your content by embedding the social wall on your website or displaying it on a big screen during your event.

Social media benefit for financial services #6

Make finances fun

Financial services don’t have to come across as boring and stuffy. Create fun engagement campaigns and add the content to a social wall! You can plan a giveaway for the best meme tagged with your hashtag, or you can install fun props at the office for employees and customers to take photos with.

Social media for financial services providers is a must

Financial services institutions that wish to expand their customer base need to have a social media presence. There’s a common misconception about people with spare money not using social media. Still, studies have shown that 90% of people with investable assets (between $100,000 and $1 million) are active social media users. Of those, 44% engage with financial institutions on social media. Also, 63% of mass affluent consumers are said to take action after using social media to learn more about financial services. In sum, fortune befriends the bold financial brands who have a good social media presence. Source: Social Media Today


Social media for financial services statistics

How to use social walls for financial services institutions

social media for financial services event social walls

event walls

Use a social wall to engage attendees during financial-related events, whether it’s a trade fair or a conference, an investment summit or a small business expo. A social wall will be an excellent motivator for people to post, which will help you promote your brand and attract customers.

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permanent displays

Display a social wall at your headquarters or branch offices. Show content shared by customers and employees to gain trust and promote company culture. Mix company updates, funny posts, news, and motivate visitors to share their visit on social media. All unified with a company hashtag.

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social media for financial services permanent display social wall
social media for financial services website social media widget

website widgets

A social media feed helps you keep your website up to date with content that you already create for your social media channels. Add authentic user-generated content. Use moderation features to choose posts displayed on your wall. You can personalise a widget as much as you want.

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Chris Peat

Chris Peat

Global Digital Marketing, Senior Manager, BearingPoint

We were looking for a platform that could gather all of our social media in one place. The whole selection process happened in 15 minutes before a telephone call, and stood out as a leader. And the reason it’s so good is its flexibility. Because in 15 minutes, we were able to realise this could be the heartbeat of our whole campaign. It was the social wall that brought everything together.


Social media for financial services examples

Erste Bank social media campaign encourages you to believe in yourself

Erste Bank social media campaign encourages you to believe in yourself

Erste Bank harnessed the power of social media to strengthen its bonds with customers in Austria by creating an emotive hashtag campaign that combines both brand content and user-generated content on a social wall.

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Raiffeisen Bank Romania ran an engaging UGC hashtag contest

Raiffeisen Bank Romania ran an engaging UGC hashtag contest

Raiffeisen Bank Romania celebrated Romania’s National Day by asking people to post pictures of their country and describe why they love it. The user-generated content campaign was organised as an Instagram hashtag contest.

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A social wall for social responsibility at BearingPoint

A social wall for social responsibility at BearingPoint

To celebrate their 10th year as a company, the international consulting company BearingPoint organised an internal CSR campaign called 10 Days of Caring. They used a social media wall to display posts at their various offices around the world and motivate employees to take part in the philanthropic campaign.

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