Event Platform

The 6Connex is an all-in-one event technology platform designed to support in-person, hybrid or virtual events.



The 6Connex all-in-one event technology platform features a broad menu of functionalities designed to support in-person, hybrid and virtual events, allowing clients to deliver events that not only enhance the physical experience, but extend beyond it.

Our digital event platform enables clients to curate captivating virtual environments for online programs, conferences, trade shows, job fairs, fundraisers, and other events that connect people worldwide. It’s much more than just a single, one-off event – it’s your new strategy for events. We also create perpetual environments our clients use all year round to interact with their audience.

As an all-in-one solution, 6Connex also has a wide variety of functionalities for in-person events. Registration, ticketing, check-in, a mobile app guide for the attendees, organizer mobile app, scanner app for lead retrieval, and deep analytics in real time. All for a streamlined, smooth organization process and more efficient events.


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Event Management Platform

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