Event Platform

Utilize the power of an AI-powered event networking platform for in-person, hybrid and virtual events, specializing in b2b matchmaking features.



b2match is an all-in-one event matchmaking software which can be used to cover the entire life cycle of an event. It includes features from invitations and registrations, meetings and live streaming to post event survey and meeting feedback. An exceptional customer success team provides a quality check for every event before it’s published, making sure everything is configured properly.

We specialize in business matchmaking with countless customizable features that increase meeting numbers and inspire meaningful connections. Some of those features include attractive participant profiles, dedicated marketplace to showcase products, services and other opportunities for collaboration, branded company pages, integrated group and 1 on 1 video meetings, chats, meeting management tools, etc. Artificial intelligence is used to take the matchmaking experience to a whole other level, with increased engagement and high-quality networking interactions at any type of event.


AI Meeting Recommender

With the use of actual machine learning algorithms that process large amounts of data, we make it easier for the right participants to find each other.

Participant Networking Profiles

Let your participants express themselves, their needs, and interests enriched with documents, images and videos.

Integrated Video Conferencing

There is no need for a third-party tool with our integrated video conferencing feature for all your meetings, sessions, and other.

Company Pages

Give more visibility to participating organizations with dedicated, branded company pages where meetings with listed company representatives can be requested directly.


Allow your participants to publish goods, services, and ideas enriched with various media to find suitable partners and clients more easily.

Event Agenda

Build a rich and interactive agenda comprised of online, hybrid or onsite sessions that are fully customizable through a variety of different settings like session registration rules, locations, categories, uploaded files, etc.