Digital Signage

Fugo is smart digital signage software that helps your business turn any TV screen into powerful, reliable communicators of your message.



Fugo is an easy cloud-based digital signage platform that lets you turn any TV into smart digital signage - capable of live social feeds, TV dashboards, dynamic & interactive media. With Fugo, you can design, publish, and monitor content all in one tool, making it great for small and large businesses alike who need a single platform to manage their network no matter how far you are from your screens. Fugo natively integrates with Walls.io & lets you take customization further with flexible design options and a built-in visual editor so you can make your social wall displays really wow your audience.

With Fugo CMS, not only can you use your screens in more meaningful ways to do things like drive sales, boost brand awareness, display business dashboards, improve workflows, and communicate internally with the right content - you have one tool to handle every aspect of running a professional digital signage screen network.


Design Studio

Create screen-ready, professional-grade content inside our native visual editor with zones, apps, animations & more.

Familiar Apps & Feeds

30+ integrations with tools you already use like GSuite, Hubspot, Looker and social media.

Intuitive Scheduling

Schedule your content as granularly as needed in advance, down to the day, hour, or even minute.

Remote Screen Management

Get a live preview playback, monitor screen health & performance, or even re-start your screens remotely.

Universal Hardware Compatibility

Use Fugo on almost any platform - Chrome, Android, Windows, Samsung, Sony, Amazon Fire TV, Raspberry Pi & more.

Custom Roles & Permissions

Divide & conquer your digital signage network with flexible options for who can access & manage the screens and content in your account.