Event Platform

RainFocus is the truly unified event experience platform built to empower organizations to seamlessly deliver memorable and insight-driven events.



Make the most of every engagement opportunity across your entire event portfolio with the unified, modern platform trusted by the world’s most innovative brands. RainFocus is the truly unified event experience platform built from the ground up to seamlessly deliver insight-driven and perfectly branded events—whether in person, virtual, or hybrid. The platform streamlines registration, speaker enablement, content sourcing and management, event marketing, and exhibitor activation—all in a single user-optimized experience.

RainFocus’ global attendee record captures every touchpoint across every event in a single dashboard to optimize and personalize the attendee experience while improving event success and ROI. From customized reports to powerful dashboards, event planners are able to make informed decisions in real time. RainFocus empowers organizations with an event implementation platform designed for immersive experiences that maximize value for every event.


Event Marketing

Powerful event campaign management tools let you drive event awareness and interest and track campaign attribution in real time to improve registration conversion rates.


Multivariate registration rules engine allows you to develop personalized registration paths using attendee profiling to simplify and increase registrations.

Attendee Engagement

Robust content sourcing and recommendation tools let you create highly individualized profile-based attendee experiences. These include targeted agendas, favoriting, networking, reminders, gamification and more to target multiple attendee types and increase engagement.

Speaker Enablement

Streamline management of even hundreds of speakers easily, from customized submission forms to sophisticated voting capabilities, including a dedicated speaker resource center to manage and track task completion and improve speaker engagement.

Exhibitor Activation

Multi-tiered exhibitor management enables implementation of myriad varied categories of exhibitors. It also includes a dedicated exhibitor portal to manage tasks, meetings, and more to maximize leads, sponsorship opportunities, and exhibitor discovery.

Reporting and Analytics

Capture event data from every touchpoint across every event into a unique global attendee record. Every data point is visible in a single dashboard to make informed decisions in real time and optimize achievement of sales and marketing objectives.