Digital Signage

ScreenCloud is the most user-friendly digital signage solution on the market – enabling organizations to manage and share impactful content at scale.



ScreenCloud helps teams in 9,000+ organizations around the world communicate with those who matter most; using the screens on their walls and the content in their systems. From social media feeds to data visualizations, emergency alerts to live broadcasts – or simply the news, sport and weather.


Canvas App

Use 150+ screen-ready templates or design your own with a simple graphic design editor that lives inside ScreenCloud. Help localize and stay on brand with lockable designs.


Display your private dashboards, webpages, and login-required data securely to your digital screens.

ScreenCloud Broadcast

Broadcast live meetings to every employee, securely and as part of your existing communications.

Microsoft Teams

With our new Microsoft Teams app, we take the communication tool 
you are familiar with and turn it into an automated content creation tool.

PlayGrounds App

Our Playgrounds app uses the GraphQL API, which provides an easy way to integrate your organization's apps and workflows into your screen content displays.