Screendrive Digital Signage

Screendrive Digital Signage

Digital Signage

A powerful Content Management System, a seamless streaming software, and thousands of default templates.


Screendrive Digital Signage

Screendrive is a Digital Signage Content Management System and Streaming software, using which you can Plan, Create, Organise, and Execute your customer engagement strategy. Whether it is a Promotional Screen, Information Kiosk, Advertising Pane, Digital Wall, or any other digital communication interface, Screendrive can help you to stream and remotely manage your interfaces hassle-free.

Screendrive is a combination of three components. A powerful CMS, that helps the user to store and organize digital contents, A set of designer tools and default templates to simplify the design efforts, and finally a streaming software in the receiver end for playback support. Most importantly, Screendrive is so versatile; it can function across any vertical of business from simple convenience stores to corporate offices.


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Text/Image/Video/Web Support

HTML Canvas Support