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Create fully branded videos automatically on a smartphone



Choose or build  your video branding, send out an invite link, display a QR code or record yourself using a smartphone, then in seconds ShoutOut creates a video automatically with music, name caption and your logo and branding. Share to socials or directly to your wall. Perfect for testimonials and winner speeches and speaker videos before, during and after your event.


Videos Created in Seconds

Share your videos in real time, no more waiting for the edit.

Post Directly

Add branded videos to your wall or to socials in one click, increase the buzz of your event with delegate and winner interviews.

Fully Branded Videos

Automatically Incorporate your logo, sponsor logos and any other custom branding.

AI Sentiment Analysis

Find your best testimonials using our AI scoring.

AI Highlight Videos

Create automated highlight videos automatically using AI to share during and after your event.

Data Capture

Collect data to incorporate into your videos like name caption info, polls and answering questions.