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Bring dynamic photos and short form video into your social wall, elevating engagement at your next event with Snapbar's photo and video solutions!



Snapbar develops intuitive, web-based products leveraging the power of photo and video to engage and connect people. Choose one or combine multiple Snapbar apps to connect your team, engage your audience, and drive content creation – whether you’re planning a brand refresh, industry event, or marketing campaign.

Their Snapshot Photo Booth and Story Video Booth are fully customizable and embeddable, working seamlessly across all devices to increase and enhance content creation for all event attendees, in-person or virtual – by making it just a QR code scan away. Integrating directly with, engage and include everyone, from anywhere and make your social wall the most dynamic representation of your audience it can be.


Snapbar Snapshot

An intuitive, web-based virtual photo booth app for driving hybrid event engagement and social content creation.

Snapbar Story

A user-generated web-based video app for collecting and promoting audience feedback testimonials, perspective, and ideas with others.

Snapshot AI

Snapbar’s innovative photo booth platform uses custom-prompted AI to dynamically transform your attendees' photos into captivating, themed visuals.

Direct Integration

Snapbar integrates directly with to seamlessly add dynamic and engaging content to your social wall.