Event Platform

Swapcard is an AI-powered end-to-end event platform for smart in-person and virtual events & communities.



Swapcard empowers event organizers to easily create meaningful, engaging, ROI-driven events & communities.

With onsite event experience starting in 2013 and one of the first platforms to pivot to virtual in 2020, Swapcard has the perfect combination of human expertise and technology to be a trusted, end-to-end partner for global event organizers across all industries and event types (trade shows, conferences, marketing & product launch events to name a few).

We accompany brands from A-Z starting at registration and ending, well, never. Swapcard's capabilities include registration & check-in, smart agendas, speaker management, AI-powered networking, exhibitor booths & reports, in-person lead retrieval, live streaming, virtual marketplaces, data analysis, and community engagement all year long.

We have a global support and success team able to provide 24/7 online support, no matter your timezone. We provide onsite technical support to ensure events go smoothly.


Events Promotions & Management

Efficiently build & promote events of all formats on one platform thanks to registration & Ticketing, on-site check-in, on-site support, audio-visual production services, speaker and abstract management, customizable communication & embeddable widget, session tracking, customizable & whitelabel platform.

Attendee Engagement

Engage your audience during events with interactive virtual sessions, polls & QAs, discussions and newsfeed. Attendees can easily network thanks to AI-powered matchmaking, searchable people lists, ability to request connections, chat and call other attendees.


Organizers and exhibitors can easily monetize events with ticket sales, virtual booths, Ad placements & other sponsorship opportunities, marketplace, strong lead capture & management capabilities and event analytics.


Organizers and exhibitors can engage with their audiences year-long thanks to Swapcard communities which offers the possibility to have 365 on-demand libraries, 365-networking, 365-marketplace and 365-newsfeed.