Event Platform

Turning events into the most valuable marketing channel.



The way people want to experience events has changed. 
Your attendees no longer want one-time experiences, they want to be engaged: before, during, and between your events. They want valuable content: live and on-demand. Sweap enables you to create these journeys and make a tangible impact on your audience and your business.

We are a Berlin-based Tech Start-up with the mission to provide functional and innovative software solutions for organizations who want to make events an essential part of their marketing strategy. The future of business communication lies within events, and we want to give global event professionals & marketing specialists the right tools at hand to get the most out of their work.


Guestlist management

Simply import your guestlists. Our software takes care of duplicates, ensures that your data stays up-to-date and brings order to your data. Time-consuming data entries are no longer necessary.

Event communication

Event marketing software that helps you run events efficiently and drive attendees through the marketing funnel.

Event registration

Create landing pages to engage your targeted segments in a personalised approach.

On-site check-in

No long queues, no waiting. Your guests will experience seamless check-in and can start enjoying the event immediately.