Event Platform

Event app and Bluetooth tracking provider around the world. Off the shelf with personable customer support to support your team and your event!



Multi-award winning native mobile app provider for events around the world. Empowering and enhancing engagement across your event. Harness the power of your agenda with session engagement tools from Q&A to scavenger hunt. Allow networking pre-event, onsite and post-event with our AI matchmaker, live meetings and messaging. Gamify and inform with our beautifully branded information, content pages and engagement tools.

Need more information? VenuIQ is one of 3 companies in the world to deliver bluetooth tracking AND a mobile app. We can fit each event to track CPD, session attendance, sponsor footfall and so much more.

All with prices starting from just £2,995!


Bluetooth Tracking

Seamlessly tracking your attendee journey from registration to sessions to exhibitors. All fitted, managed and tied into one report by our qualified team.

Branding & Customisation

Whilst templated our homescreens and colour schemes are hyper-customisable. Almost bespoke level branding with off the shelf costs.

Documents Library

Stop printing huge abstracts/poster books or massive supporting documents. VenuIQ offer a searchable document library for your entire event and per session.

Privately owned

Unlike many event tech offerings, we're privately owned. What does this mean to you? No VCs to please, only our customers. Monthly development milestones with your input.


An absolute MUST in todays event industry. Our system has live integrations with all the big names in events and CRMs. Seamless data exchange with no manual data work.

Customer Support

Our USP in the world. We know all our clients, their events and their teams inside and out. You get a partner with VenuIQ, not a supplier. Trusted by the biggest brands around the world.