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Most Interactive Polls

This prize is awarded to the social wall showcasing the most creative, engaging, and effective live polls, driving audience participation and generating valuable insights.

Nominate a Social Wall

If you have a special social wall, nominate it for the Social Wall Awards. Provide a description of why the social wall deserves to win, highlighting its unique features, design, and engagement strategies.

Previous winners

The Social Wall Helps CWU Connect With the Donors

Central Washington University’s social media wall enhances donor engagement by showcasing real-time support and allowing donors to share their heartfelt contributions, creating a dynamic and interactive fundraising experience. By participating in polls and sharing their stories, donors can see the immediate impact of their support, fostering a sense of community and transparency. Uses Monthly Polls to Engage Website Visitors has creatively added a social wall on their website to showcase adoptable pets and pet-related content, enhancing community engagement. They host monthly polls for audience insights and encourage reader participation by inviting them to post rescue pet photos or videos using #LVPets or the wall’s QR code. This approach boosts website interaction, supports animal welfare, and strengthens the reader community.

WETA Uses Social Walls and Polls to Get Feedback From TV Show Audience

WETA creates a vibrant sense of community by seamlessly integrating a social wall into the landing page of their PBS Iconic America TV show. This ingenious feature encourages viewers to actively participate in the conversation on social media and voice their opinions through interactive polls. The benefits are twofold: the audience gains a platform to express their thoughts, while the production team gathers valuable feedback.