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$ 600 30 days
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Number of Walls

Number of Walls included. Each wall is available on a separate URL and can be set up with its own social media sources, styling and moderation settings.


Sources per Platform

The number of sources you can include on your wall for each social network or platform. Each hashtag or social media profile counts for one source.

Example: A Pro wall can contain 5 hashtags on Twitter, 5 hashtags on Instagram, 5 Facebook Page, etc.


Number of Platforms

The Free plan supports the most popular social platforms – Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube. Pro and Premium plans include all platforms supported by




On the Free plan, your wall will be updated once every 15 minutes on average. On the Pro and Premium plans your wall will be updated once every minute on average. Your Twitter sources will always be updated in real-time, regardless of the plan.



On the Free plan our support team usually responds within 1 business day through email and chat.

On the Pro plan our support team will respond within 1 hour during business hours (CET) through email and chat.

On the Premium plan you can contact us through email, chat or phone. Our team will be happy to help you set up, customize and embed your wall.



Pick one of our beautiful themes for your usecase. “Fluid” works best on widgets, “Grid” is a great choice for large, phyiscal displays and “Kiosk” is the best pick for slideshows.

Embeddable Widget

Integrate your wall into your website or app using our embeddable widget.


Use our moderation tools to remove unwanted content or highlight your favorite posts on the fly. Use the blacklist to block users and keywords or switch to manual moderation for total control.

Additional Moderators

Invite additional members of your team to help you moderate posts and set up our wall.

Native Posts

Add custom content straight to your wall – no need to post on social media!


Remove the advertising we'll occasionally inject on your free wall.


Replace the logo with your own.

Custom CSS & style editor

Style your wall individually using our user-friendly style editor or by adding custom CSS rules.

Custom URL

Pick a custom URL for your wall.

Google Analytics

Embed your own Google Analytics code.


Display posts on a social map.


Let users post to your wall using our Facebook Messenger Chatbot.

Social Commerce

The social commerce feature allows you to easily place a call-to-action (CTA) button on existing social media posts on your social wall.

Sponsored Posts

Automatically inject your own ads into the wall.

API Access

Build your own apps & websites on top of social content using our API.

Retained posts

The maximum number of posts that we keep per wall. If more posts come in, the oldest ones are deleted.


Monthly Page Views

The number of times your wall can be accessed per month.

We support our non-profit customers
We appreciate that budgets are often tight at non-profit organisations, which is why we offer a 25% discount on all our plans. Send us a link to your website or some other form of proof that you’re an NPO, so we'll get a better idea about your project(s) and decide whether you qualify for the discount.
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