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What are Sponsored Posts, and why use them

Sponsored Posts are special posts on your social wall that aren’t filled with regular social content from your sources. Instead, you can upload specific images that you want to display there and have them show up on your wall periodically. Sponsored Posts offer a way to make money by offering sponsored placements for your event’s sponsors, for example. However, they’re also a versatile tool that can be used in various other ways.

Include Sponsored Posts in your event packages

The most obvious way to use’s sponsored tiles feature is to get sponsors for your campaign or event and show their logos, adverts, etc. on your social wall. This option is particularly interesting for events where a social wall will be prominently displayed on location. You can offer your sponsors presence on your social media wall as part of your usual sponsoring packages.

A screenshot of the Sponsored posts dialogue in the application with the setting to show a random Sponsored post every 10 posts on the social wall
A screenshot of a Sponsored Post on a social wall promoting greece as a travel destination with a "More info" CTA on a photo of a woman walking along the sea

Promote your own features and products using Sponsored Posts

Sponsored Posts also offer a way to promote your own content, be it related to your hashtag campaign or not. For example, you can insert ads for your own brand or product. Just upload a picture or GIF of your own ad and link it to the corresponding landing page.

Promote your campaign and hashtag

You can further use Sponsored Posts to promote your own campaign. Add an image that shows the hashtag(s) you would like people to use to post to your wall, or even to explain more about your campaign. Use Sponsored Posts to illustrate what kind of content you would like people to contribute.

A screenshot of a sponsored post detail view with the image of a young woman sitting on a boat. There is a caption on the image: "Share your photo with the hashtag summertime"

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