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Leo, Sales Development Representative
Show, don’t tell: Social walls for
employer branding
In English

Meet Leo on Wednesday at
12pm PST / 3pm ET / 9pm CET

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Learn how-to...

✔ Create employee-generated content
✔ Hire and retain the best talent
✔ Present your company to the world

Emil, Sales Manager
Increase audience engagement at your event with a social wall!
In Deutsch

Meet Emil on Tuesday at
9am PST / 12pm ET / 6pm CET

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Learn how-to...

✔ Add fun elements to your events
✔ Keep your audience up to date with live content
✔ Enable guests to interact with the host of the event

What to expect

45 min live webinar
Session led by an industry expert
An overview of all the features & customization options
Useful tips about user-generated content
Examples of brands using social walls
Q&A session to answer any questions