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Why develop using a social wall meta-API

Save time and money

Our meta-API makes connecting to social media networks easy because you only have to connect to one programming interface. You save time and money that you’d otherwise spend learning about and connecting to each of the networks’ APIs separately. With all the sources at your fingertips, you can focus on working on the other components of your app.

Access content from multiple social media platforms

When building your own apps and websites based on social content, you have to spend a lot of time figuring out each platform. Learning dozens of different and ever-changing APIs and connecting to them separately takes up a lot of resources. With our meta-API, you only have to connect to one source to get content from all of them.

Use the content of your social wall any way you want

Our API opens up a whole new world of visual implementations of your social wall. Building on our API, you can present the content of your social wall any way you want. Tweets as an LED row at your event? 3D projections on your VR headset? An acoustic rendition of posts? The sky is the limit!

Easy onboarding with detailed up to date documentation

We know what it’s like — as a developer you just can’t wait to start tinkering with your latest toy. Still, taking a look at our documentation ( will definitely help you take the first steps with our meta-API. Don't worry, we kept it short and sweet. Read our documentation here.

More reasons to use the API

  • META-API: Connect to dozens of platforms with just one API.
  • HTTP/REST: Work with what you’re already familiar with: our HTTP/REST API works just like you’d expect.
  • JAVASCRIPT SDK: Use our JavaScript SDK for client-side development.
  • LIMITLESS: Enjoy total freedom in your visualisation of social wall content.
  • EASY SETUP: Hit the ground running with a painless setup process.
  • DEV SUPPORT: Make use of our 1-on-1 support, developer to developer.
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Access content from multiple social media platforms.

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Multiple networks in one SOCIAL MEDIA aggregator

Collect and showcase the best posts, photos or videos from multiple social platforms using hashtags, keywords, and profiles.

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Adapt the look and feel of your social media wall with our easy-to-use style editor. No matter what size or resolution your device or embed is, the widget always looks great.

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We filter spam based on text analysis as well as image-based NSFW detection, which helps ensure the highest standard of conversation. Easily block spam and abusive posts.

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INTUITIVE AND EASY SETUP PROCESS is easy to set up and use and you don’t need to have any coding skills. Setting up a social media wall for your website or event takes just a few minutes!

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Custom posts for showcasing your sponsors

Sponsored posts are a great way to make money by getting sponsors for your social wall and offering them ad space on it. Furthermore, they are a versatile tool that you can use in various other ways as well.

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Call-to-action button

Connect the posts on your social wall to your products or services with a call-to-action button that leads directly to a product page or a sign-up form.

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explore your possibilities with our api

Save time and money.

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