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Embed curated content on your website and boost conversions

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Boost conversions with unique content curation

Curate content that resonates with your audience. Encourage fans to submit their own. Grow your brand with curated social content by featuring happy customers in your marketing efforts.

Great social curation is all about the mix

Imagine that you can mix powerful, trustworthy User-Generated Content with brand content. This will significantly help boost conversions. Mix genuine content by your users with strong posts about what your brand is capable of doing. You can do that using our native or sponsored posts feature. That’s content curation at its best and it’s a must for your content marketing strategy!

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Use the powerful spam filters for social media content moderation

There’s a lot of spam on social media. We don’t want all that displayed on your wall. That’s why we have built-in spam detection filters, blocklists, and customization options that allow you to exclude any keyword or block any user that you don’t want to see in your wall’s social feed.
Learn more about our advanced social media wall moderation features.

Create posts specifically for your social wall

A social wall is a great way to mix content types to your heart’s content. You can pull posts from various social media platforms, content from RSS feeds, or even throw your own content into the mix by using our Native Posts feature. Native Posts show up on your wall just like regular social media posts, except you can upload them directly to your wall without posting them to social media first.

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Show your great content to the world

After you collect the best User-Generated photos, comments, videos from Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Reddit and many more social networks, make sure you create an amazing social wall to display it. You can embed it on any website, project it at live events or use it on digital screens.

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Use content aggregation to step up
your marketing game

Content curation is easy with a social media curator tool. Pull content from any hashtag. Display curated social content on a feed and expand your reach.

Check out more features is committed to providing you all the features you need to collect and display social media content. Take a look at the full list of features.