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How companies use Instagram hashtag walls

Ikea store embedded Instagram hashtag feed on website

IKEA engages and inspires online shoppers with an Instagram hashtag feed embed

IKEA Poland uses an embedded Instagram wall to display authentic user-generated content posted by customers using the store’s official hashtags. They have different social walls for different sections of the website and tailor the Instagram content to fit each of them. This way, users only see posts about products they are interested in based on the page they are viewing.

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Instagram hashtag wall for the #KidsInTheKitchen campaign. Photo of kids cooking together.

NatureFresh™ Farms increases engagement with an Instagram hashtag campaign

The Instagram hashtag campaign #KidsInTheKitchen aims to get families to cook together and children to eat more vegetables by sharing their process in Instagram posts tagged with the campaign’s hashtag, which displays all posts on a social wall. Additionally, NatureFresh™ Farms compiled the user-generated content from the campaign into a healthy cookbook for kids.

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Instagram hashtag wall display in the Ferrari pit during the race.

Ferrari Races uses an Instagram hashtag Wall to provide a glimpse behind the curtain

Ferrari Races is using an Instagram feed on its website as a way to present and promote the social media content they put so much work into. By reusing the Instagram content, they create an interactive brand experience on their website.

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The benefits of embedding an instagram feed

An Instagram wall is the perfect place to collect videos and photos posted by happy customers, influencers and your brand. Potential customers being able to experience your products and services through the lens of others is one of the biggest sales drivers. But the benefits of a social wall are manifold. 

benefit of an Instagram wall for your business #1

Increase revenue with trustworthy customer Instagram content

Aggregate and display authentic user-generated content in an embedded Instagram feed on your website. This will generate trust in your products and help people decide to buy. Nothing is more inspiring and reassuring about the quality of a product than seeing other people use it. 

benefit of an Instagram wall for your business #2

Promote your product range with an Instagram hashtag feed

50% of consumers say that seeing an Instagram feed with photos on a brand’s website helps them discover a new product during their visit. An embedded Instagram wall is not only a great way of showing the usage of your product or your services but serves as an inspiration for supplementary products as well.

benefit of an Instagram wall for your business #3

Let posts published by your influencers shine on an instagram wall

92% of consumers trust an influencer more than a traditional advertisement or celebrity endorsement. Amplify their reach by collecting and sharing their posts on your embedded Instagram wall in real-time.

benefit of an Instagram wall for your business #4

Engage with your social emdia followers using an instagram live feed

Instagram is a very engaging platform, and users spent a lot of time there. Utilise that momentum by offering your community incentives for using your Instagram hashtag. By then showing this hashtagged content on your website, you will create an interactive experience for your website visitors as well.

benefit of an Instagram wall for your business #5

Increase brand awareness with an Instagram hashtag slideshow

Instagram is the perfect place to show off who your brand is. Use videos and photos to introduce your team, show how your products are developed and give insight into your company culture. Display your brand’s Instagram posts on your website to boost authenticity and add a bit of human touch. 

benefit of an Instagram wall for your business #6

Expand your reach and drive traffic with an instagram feed embed

Instagram posts can increase your reach and drive traffic to your product pages. By posting content with hashtags relevant to your brand, people will be introduced to your product and services. Reuse your Instagram posts on your website to keep your website content fresh.

Why Instagram is a powerful tool for brands

Instagram has developed into one of the strongest social media channels for businesses. 90% of Instagram accounts follow a brand, and 78% perceive brands that are on Instagram as popular. Additionally, 83% of Instagram users discover new products and services on Instagram. (Sources: Facebook, Business Instagram)

why brands use Instagram social media statistics

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