How the tourism industry benefits from social media walls

Make authentic User-Generated Content visible, engage your visitors, and increase bookings using a social wall

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Gesundheitszentrum Federsee
Austrian National Tourist Board

How the hospitality industry can use social walls

Event walls

Use a social wall to engage guests during events. Be it corporate events organised at your hotel, parties, themed evenings at your restaurant, or staff events — a social wall will let you connect with your customers, help you collect authentic content and spread the word about your business.

Social wall displayed on a big screen in an event's hall

Permanent displays

Town halls, museums, tourist organisations, hotels, tour organisers, and restaurants all around the world use social displays to inform, engage and encourage people to share their experience on social media.

Permanent display in an airport showing a social media feed

Website widgets

A social media wall on your website helps you keep your website up to date with content that you already create for your social media channels. It also adds compelling social proof by displaying customer UGC that will help boost conversions.

Hotel Social Media Feed embedded on a website
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Customer stories

Using social media walls in hospitality and tourism

Spa Keeps Guests Informed With a Social Hub on Screens

A health center located at Federsee lake in Germany uses a social wall combined with digital signage software and a large screen to create a one-stop information hub for all its guests and visitors.

Stefan Schreiber
Stefan Schreiber

Head of Marketing

We want to present our guests with a wide variety of impressions from Bad Buchau. The social wall makes this easy because it allows us to collect and use the excellent content our guests create and display it next to our posts and images.

Collect content from multiple platforms

User-generated content can help people discover new places to travel to or amazing hotels and restaurants that are already vetted by their friends and family. Collect content that your guests are sharing on social media in a live social feed and then mix it with owned content such as deals or event announcements.

Direct Posts logo

Direct Posts

Allow visitors to upload text and photos directly

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Keywords, hashtags, profiles & lists

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Hashtags, business profiles

Facebook logo


Pages, page mentions, albums

Youtube logo


Keywords, profiles, playlists

TikTok logo



Mastodon Logo


Profiles, hashtags

RSS logo


RSS feeds

Flickr logo



Pinterest logo



Vimeo logo



Reddit logo


Keywords, subreddits

Tumbrl logo


Keywords, blogs

VKontakte logo


Hashtags, profiles

Engage your visitors with authentic
User-Generated Content

Create a social wall for your business in minutes.

Using social media walls in hospitality and tourism

Hotels, restaurants, local tourist offices, agencies, travel portals and local attractions use social media walls to collect amazing content and expand their reach. Here’s how you, too, can benefit from a social media wall.

1. Gain influential brand ambassadors

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2. Boost conversions by adding authentic UGC to your website

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3. Engage customers and enhance their experience

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4. Increase your social media reach with hashtag campaigns

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5. Make people want to come back

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6. Generate revenue by displaying sponsored posts

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Social media is a powerful marketing tool for tourism

Source: MDG.

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