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How to use social walls to ignite team spirit

Event walls

Use a social wall to engage attendees during sports-related events, whether it’s a marathon or a basketball game, a major sports league or local soccer match. A social wall will be an excellent motivator for people to post, which will, in turn, help you ignite team spirit and motivate participants.

Big screen in a stadium showing a social media wall with contents from fans

Permanent displays

Display a social wall in your office building or stadium during practice. Show content shared by fans to make athletes feel supported. Share important updates, news, and fan-generated content. Players and fans will appreciate it.

Permanent display in a building hall with a social media wall

Website widgets

A social media feed helps you keep your website up to date with content that you already create for your social media channels. Add authentic fan-generated content. Stay in control of posts displayed on your wall thanks to powerful moderation features.

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Customer stories

Sports social media examples

Live Social Media Wall for Basketball Fans

Copa del Rey is an annual knockout basketball competition. In 2021, spectators could not attend the games in person, but they still supported their favorite teams by posting motivating messages to a live social media wall displayed courtside.

Dallas Mavs Use Social Hub to Display Content on Website and App

The Mavs are not just succeeding in sports but also with their digital fan experience. They implemented a social hub on their homepage and App. The social hub collects all relevant social media posts from various channels.

Collect content from multiple platforms

Use a social wall to boost fan engagement and let fans show their support by sending messages to the team. Display sports social media content on your website or showing fan-generated content on a social wall at live events. You can also create hashtag campaigns for sports events to increase attendee interaction. A social wall can aggregate content from multiple social media platforms. 

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The benefits of sports social media walls

Dynamic social walls are a great alternative to static ads, especially in sports. A live feed draws attention by mixing sponsor messages with authentic sports social media content created by fans. It boosts engagement from viewers and has the power to ignite team spirit and create excitement. That also means more eyeballs for your sponsors’ ads.

1. Connect fans and players

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2. Leverage sports social media content

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3. Boost attendee engagement

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4. Create interactive sports experiences

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5. Increase sports brand awareness

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6. Add sponsored ads and generate revenue

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Sports and social media are a powerful combination

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