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What is an Instagram Hashtag Campaign?

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Hashtag campaigns on Instagram are social media marketing tools designed around one or more hashtags. You pick a unique hashtag, which represents your brand and is aligned with your marketing goals. By asking your customers and community to share photos and videos to Instagram and other social media platforms the hashtag is spread organically.

Instagram hashtag campaigns work great because of the benefits that your community can claim by using your hashtag. Fans and users are encouraged to share content with your hashtag by integrating a competition, prizes or coupon codes.

Naturally, by joining your campaign, their photos and videos spread organically on Instagram among their friends and followers – including your hashtag!

  • Hashtag campaigns help spreading your marketing message on Instagram.
  • User-generated content increases your organic & viral reach.
  • Brand awareness is raised by activating your ambassadors on Instagram.

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Instagram Campaign Showcase:

There are plenty of reasons to choose Instagram as a channel for your hashtag campaign. The platforms popularity allows you to raise brand awareness, run a promotion for a product, create hype for a new product and much more.

In this showcase we explain how German mountain bike vendor YT Industries did a pre-launch campaign to hype their brandnew bike JEFFSY on Instagram and other channels.

Build your Instagram Campaign with

A social media wall is a great way to build on the reach of user-genereated content created by your fans and community. With you can collect and curate photos and videos from Instagram and many other social media platforms, curate the content, and display it in a widget on your website, on your Facebook page or even on a real-life display at your venue.

Improve Your Instagram Campaign with


Fetch posts, photos and videos from Instagram and many other platforms using hashtags, profiles and keywords.


Pick which photos and posts are displayed on your social wall with our easy-to-use tools for curation.

Easy Setup

Our promise – you'll be able to setup your social wall in less than 5 minutes!


Use our style editor or apply custom CSS rules to make your social media wall exactly look the way you want.


The widget and standalone display automatically adapts to the size of your website or device.


Our plans allow you to build lasting hashtag campaigns without breaking your budget.

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How to Setup Your Instagram Campaign

Pick the right hashtag

Choose a unique hashtag that aligns with your marketing goals and is easy to communicate. Avoid long acronyms and make sure your hashtag can’t be mis-interpreted for something embarrassing. Research is essential. Read more about how to find the perfect hashtag on our blog .

Choose the right channels

It’s crucial to choose the right social media platforms for your hashtag campaign. Think about where your community is hanging out on the web. Also consider doing some market research to learn more about your fans. Of course, Instagram is one if the hottest places on the web right now!

Setup your social wall

Decide which pricing plan is the best fit for your campaign and start an account. Pick hashtags, keywords and other sources, and style your wall using our easy-to-use editor or custom CSS rules. Sign up for a account now!

Embed your social wall

If you’re planning to setup a website or landing page for your Instagram campaign, this page should naturally communicate the campaign’s goals and how to take part. Embedding your social wall shows new visitors how it’s done. Simply embed our iframe on your page.

Cross-channel promotion

Maximize the reach of your hashtag campaign by communicating it everywhere and not just on social media. Put the hashtag on your product and print materials, align your PR around it, run a TV ad or a billboard series. Great hashtags transfer well from offline to online!

Run your campaign

Another crucial part of your Instagram campaign is managing it. Come up with competitions, giveaways, and prizes. Interact with user’s posts. React to negative comments fast and decisively. Our moderation tools help you keeping everything in sight!

If you need any help with your Instagram campaign, contact our support team.

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