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Aggregate updates and posts from 15+ social platforms and display them on websites or live event walls

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Aggregate content from 15+ social platforms and showcase it

With, you can collect and showcase the best posts, photos or videos from Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google+, YouTube, Pinterest, Linkedin, RSS, ВКонтакте (VKontakte), Flickr, Tumblr, Reddit, Vimeo, Messenger, Swarm, and Foursquare. There are many types of content you can showcase using a social media aggregator:

Hashtag Social Media Wall for Events

1. Hashtag posts for your event, campaign, or brand

You can use hashtag campaigns to leverage user-generated content, increase your organic reach and raise your brand awareness. helps you collect, curate and display all the social media posts with your hashtag and present them in one place. There are many ways and reasons to run a hashtag campaign. You can raise awareness for a social cause, run a promotion for a service, create buzz for a new product and much more.

Fresh Social Media Content Feed

2. Fresh social media content on any topic

Writing interesting content for your audience is a challenging task. You know that you need to put something out to keep your audience engaged. The good news is that you don’t need to struggle. No need to write everything yourself. You can use a social media aggregator to collect, display, and share interesting, fresh content on a specific topic with your audience to keep your community engaged. Learn more about curated social walls.

Social Media Content Created by Fans

3. Social media content created by your fans

Increase your brand’s credibility by displaying real-time posts from actual fans and customers. Consumers trust content created by other people like them. According to a survey by TurnTo, 88% of U.S. consumers trust a product recommendation that comes directly from a friend, making them the most trusted source for shopping decisions. Learn more about the benefits of user-generated content.

Social Media Content Created by Brand

4. Social media content created by your brand

You can display cool social media content from all your social accounts on your website. No need to hide all that great content you worked hard creating. No need embedding content from different social media networks separately when you can display all of it on one social media wall. Aggregating this content and embedding it on your website also helps you keep your website up to date. Learn more about creating a social hub for your brand.

Community Social Media Content

5. Social media content related to a community

Remember the days when all the important events in your school were pinned on a bulletin board. Nowadays, schools and universities often use social media to engage with their students and faculty. Gathering all the social media interaction on a social media wall and mixing it with university announcements keeps the students engaged and updated on upcoming events, wherever they are.

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