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Revolutionize your brand's narrative with the Walls.io UGC platform

Gone are the days of one-sided brand narratives. With the power of user-generated content, your customers and fans become storytellers. Walls.io empowers your audience to share their unique perspectives, painting your brand's narrative in vivid, relatable colors. It's a journey where visuals blend with emotions, creating a powerful connection that resonates with your target audience.

Embark on a journey that elevates your brand's narrative like never before. 

What is a UGC platform?

A UGC platform is a content aggregation and display tool that gathers image, video, and text posts from various social media platforms, RSS feeds, direct uploads, and more in one centralized feed. Walls.io provides a way to aggregate, display, and engage with user-generated content from various sources, creating interactive and dynamic feeds that enhance events, websites, and digital marketing campaigns.

Create a unified stage for your brand's community

Spark authentic connections with our UGC platform

Empower your audience to shape your story

Key features of the Walls.io UGC platform

Discover the wealth of features included in the user-generated content platform.

Multi-platform aggregation

Seamlessly collect and display content from multiple social media platforms, showcasing your brand's reach in one unified space.

Direct Posts

With Walls.io, you can collect unique content from people who don't use social media. Double the content, double the fun!


Allow visitors to react to posts by liking them directly on your social wall. You can use Reactions to keep your audience engaged, measure the popularity of posts, or even for competitions.

Customizable design

Infuse your brand's visual identity into Walls.io, ensuring a seamless blend that captivates your audience.

Moderation & curation

Maintain control over your brand's image by curating the finest user-generated content for display.

Mobile responsiveness

Reach your audience on any device, as Walls.io adapts flawlessly to smartphones, tablets, and desktops.

Unlock the power of user-created stories

Take advantage of the opportunity to showcase your brand through the eyes of your audience. Reach out now to discover how our social wall can help you harness the magic of user-generated content.

How the user-generated content platform works

Unlocking the power of Walls.io is as simple as 1-2-3.

Connect and curate

Integrate your social media accounts and campaigns effortlessly, set up automated moderation and content filtering rules, and watch as the platform gathers content from diverse sources.

Personalize and customize

Tailor Walls.io's appearance to your brand's unique style, leaving a lasting impact on your audience. No tech skills are needed. Change the background, text, and tile border color with a few clicks. Your UGC hub will be fully responsive and will always look great.

Activate and engage

Launch the Walls.io UGC platform to witness your brand's narrative unfold in real time, fostering genuine interactions and multiplying your marketing efforts.

Why embrace user-generated content?

📷 Visual storytelling

Transform your customers and enthusiasts into brand advocates, allowing them to share your narrative from their unique perspectives. Use this content to boost conversions across your marketing channels.

An image of two young women sitting on a couch and scrolling through a tablet. The image is used for the visual storytelling with a UGC platform section of the page.
two young women chatting while looking at a display with content provided by the Walls.io UGC platform

💬 Real-Time conversation

Cultivate authentic conversations and forge meaningful engagements with your audience. Our Walls.io UGC platform collects user-generated content in real-time, rewarding your audience with the joy of seeing their posts shine on your social wall.

🚀 Amplify social reach

Channel the immense power of social media to expand your brand's reach beyond your existing audience. UGC with your brand's hashtag acts as an organic, viral promotion.

two young men with their back chatting while looking at a laptop that displays content form the Dallas Mavs NBA feed provided by the Walls.io UGC platform

How companies collect UGC using the Walls.io user-generated content platform

BearingPoint Uses Social Walls for Internal and External Marketing

The teams at BearingPoint predominantly use social walls for employee engagement internally but sometimes share the user-generated content collected through these campaigns internally or even externally, for example, to raise awareness for the company’s CSR activities.

Chris Peat
Chris Peat

Global Digital Marketing, Senior Manager

We looked for a platform that could gather all of our social media in one place and expected to find something that we could probably plug into a website. When we found Walls.io, we were impressed by the whole solution. It was dramatically cheaper than doing an own-build solution with an agency, and it was considerably more flexible. The whole procurement process happened in 15 minutes before a telephone call, where we just started to search for these sorts of solutions. Walls.io stood out as a leader. And the reason it’s so good is its flexibility.

Airmeet Runs a Selfie Contest to Increase Event Engagement

Airmeet leveraged the integration between Walls.io and Snapbar to run a selfie contest at the Events to Experiences summit. During the opening keynote, the host invited people to take selfies with a Snapbar photo booth — all selfies were displayed on a social wall. The audience voted for the best selfies using the Reactions feature. At the end of the event, 3 winners were chosen.

Tanvi Manchanda
Tanvi Manchanda

Events Marketing Manager

The experience was new for many of our attendees and thoroughly enjoyed by everyone! Our partnership with Walls.io has been so helpful for us in making attendees a part of our event and hosting the kind of event experiences everyone deserves. The event really wouldn’t have had as big an impact without you.

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