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A Social Wall for Your Event

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A social wall bridges the gap between offline and online communication at events or conferences. You can use the social wall and hashtags to collect social media posts from your attendees and display them for everyone to see.

A social wall at an event works much like a campfire — people gather around it and start talking to each other. It’s an excellent ice breaker, and everyone loves spotting their posts highlighted on a screen in the physical realm.

The more attendees use your hashtag, the better the content surrounding your event will spread on social media. People from all over the world get to follow your event via the social wall even if they couldn’t make it to the venue. After the event is over, a hashtag and social wall give you and your attendees an easy and appealing way to look back at the event.

Whether you’re organising a barcamp, a wedding, a conference or a trade fair, a social wall can go a long way towards adding a sense of community to the event experience.

  • Set up a social wall to promote your hashtags at your event and get more people to use them.
  • Create a social hub that sparks conversation among attendees.
  • Add depth to the event experience with a physical social wall that encourages audience participation.

Have a look at how others are using social walls to add value to their events.

Event Wall Showcase:
openTransfer Barcamp

Social walls add value to all kinds of events, from private occasions like weddings and birthday parties to large events like conferences or trade fairs. easily scales with the size of your event. You can display the wall on as many screens and devices as you want.

One place is very much at home at is the diverse world of barcamps. Check out how openTransfer Barcamp in Germany uses for all their events.

Event Walls with

A social wall can make your event more interactive and talked about, adding value for attendees and those who follow the event online. With you can use hashtags to collect posts from multiple platforms and display them on physical screens or with a projector at your event. Show attendees what’s going on and which hashtags they should be using.


Fetch posts from dozens of social media platforms, from Twitter to YouTube.


Customise your social wall with our easy-to-use style editor or CSS styling

Easy Setup

Putting your wall up at your event requires just a few simple steps.


Display your social wall anywhere you like. It looks great on a screen at your venue, in your mobile app, and on your website.


Make sure the conversation remains appropriate by moderating posts on your wall from one of your own devices.

Sponsored Content

Offer your sponsors digital ad space on your social wall with our Sponsored Posts feature.

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How to Set up Your Own Event Wall

Choose your hashtag

Come up with a unique hashtag for your event. It should be easy to understand and remember as well. Do some research to make sure no one else is using it. Figure out which channels you should be posting on. Find out how to pick the perfect hashtag on our blog .

Set up your account

Pick the plan that works best for your event and set up your account. Set up your channels, hashtags and keywords in the backend. Start an account now.

Prepare your social wall

With you can prepare your social wall for your event ahead of time. Pick a theme and use the handy style editor or CSS to tweak the look of your wall. In the moderation settings, set up your blacklist and whitelist.

Start promoting early

You should include your hashtag in all your event promotion, both online and offline. Everyone interested in your event should know and use the hashtag. People using the hashtag before your event can create buzz. Read more about promoting your hashtag on our blog.

Embed your social wall

Let your audience know about your social wall before the event starts. We recommend embedding the widget on your website as soon as you start promoting your event. You can display the widget wherever you see fit — on a microsite or even on your front page.

Enjoy your event

At your venue, all you have to do is connect the screens or set up the projector to display your social wall. You can keep an eye on content during the event by moderating posts from your own devices. Split the shifts with teammates so everyone gets to enjoy the event.

If you need any help setting up a social wall for your event, contact our support team.

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