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How the social wall works




Collect content from multiple social media platforms

You can choose which social media channels you want to include on your social wall. With, you can collect and showcase the best posts, photos or videos from Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, ВКонтакте (VKontakte), Flickr, Tumblr, Pinterest, Vimeo, Messenger, Reddit, and RSS. You can choose which social media channels you want to include on your social wall.

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WHy marketers choose

Steve chisik

Nicholas Jones

Social Media Manager, United Way Greater Toronto helps us to really bring our social media and event-specific hashtags to life at our events. It is the perfect tool for curating and amplifying the best posts from our attendees, and a great way to encourage attendees to post more when they see their content appearing on the big screen. It might seem like a small thing, to post someone’s photo or tweet up for your whole event to see, but attendees consistently give us very positive feedback on the experience, coming up to our social team to ask for more information on this magical tool that saw their post leap out of their phone and into reality.

Steve chisik

Jakob Steinschaden

Co-founder, Trending Topics

I think is a great way to see what users are posting on different social media platforms. That makes it much easier to discover content and user opinions about the show in real time from different channels.

Steve chisik

Marco Pace

Social media specialist, beyerdynamic really cares about customer needs and has been a great partner for us. When we brought up the idea of a social commerce button with the team, they were happy to implement it for us. Now we can not just focus our social wall on customer-generated content but also make sure it links back to our product pages.

social wall

How you can use a social media feed

Virtual and hybrid events

social media wall for virtual and physical events

Virtual & hybrid Events social media walls

Engage your audience and add depth to the event experience with a social wall. It will help you:

  • Promote your event on social media
  • Make your event more interactive and talked about
  • Give sponsors and brands extra exposure
  • Create a sense of community worldwide
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Permanent Digital social media Displays

Showcase amazing user-generated content posted by your audience on social media. Display it on a physical display or digital signage to:

  • Interact with visitors on site and bridge the gap between online and offline
  •  Combine their posts with news about your brand
  • Communicate your official hashtag
  • Get visitors to share something about their visit on social media
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social media feed on website. Golf center Leeds social wall on website

Website & eCommerce Social media Embeds

Enhance your website with user-generated content or combine it with posts about your brand. Use a social wall to:

  • Engage with your website visitors
  • Increase brand awareness and trust
  • Keep your website fresh and interactive with social content
  • Boost conversions with trustworthy user-generated content
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features that make the best social wall

social media aggregator icon


Collect and showcase the best posts, photos or videos from multiple social platforms using hashtags, keywords, and profiles.

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responsive social wall icon


Adapt the look and feel of your social media wall with our easy-to-use style editor. No matter what size or resolution your device or embed is, the widget always looks great.

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social wall moderation icon


We filter spam based on text analysis as well as image-based NSFW detection, which helps ensure the highest standard of conversation. Easily block spam and abusive posts.

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easy setup icon

INTUITIVE AND EASY SETUP PROCESS is easy to set up and use and you don’t need to have any coding skills. Setting up a social media wall for your website or event takes just a few minutes!

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advertising space social wall icon


Sponsored posts are a great way to make money by getting sponsors for your social wall and offering them ad space on it. Furthermore, they are a versatile tool that you can use in various other ways as well.

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social ecommerce feature icon

call-to-action button

Connect the posts on your social wall to your products or services with a call-to-action button that leads directly to a product page or a sign-up form.

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use cases

WHAT brands achieve using social walls

Social Walls for Live Events and Website Feeds by Ferrari

Social Walls for Live Events and Website Feeds by Ferrari

The luxury car manufacturer Ferrari is using a live social feed on its website to connect to their fans. Scuderia Ferrari is also displaying the social wall in the drivers’ pit to motivate the team and the pilots. 

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Social Walls for Virtual Events by Tomorrowland

Social Walls for Virtual Events by Tomorrowland

The biggest electronic dance festival Tomorrowland integrated a social wall in its virtual event set-up. This way the festival could create a sense of community and interact with its attendees worldwide. It also used it to sell ad spots to their sponsors.

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Social Walls for permanent displays by Zotter Chocolate

Social Walls for permanent displays by Zotter Chocolate

The high-end chocolate producer Zotter displays a social wall on a permanent display at the entrance hall of their factory and on its website. It engages visitors, promotes the factory tour and motivates employees who are entering.

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Social Walls for eCommerce by Beyerdynamic

Social Walls for eCommerce by Beyerdynamic

The audio technology manufacturer Beyerdynamic integrates a social wall into its eCommerce platform. Every social post that gets published by its fans shows up. A button leads directly from the social post to the product page of the shown product.

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Social Walls for events by Google

Social Walls for events by Google

The technology giant Google uses social walls for its events on the venue, during workshops and before and after online live-streams to create a sense of community and give the events global exposure.

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Social Walls for hashtag campaign by Sony

Social Walls for hashtag campaign by Sony

The world-famous record company Sony Music created an interactive website using hashtagged user-generated content on live social media walls for the release of the Depeche Mode movie. By doing so it promotes the movie and gets fans excited about it.

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