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How Walls.io works

All Social Media Platforms and Channels

Collect content from 15+ social media platforms

Collect and showcase the best posts, photos or videos from Facebook, Twitter, Instagram & others by hashtag or from specific profiles.

Walls.io, Easy Social Media Marketing

Moderate, style and customize your Wall

Use our moderation tools to avoid abuse and pick content you want displayed! Our style editor and customizable CSS make your Wall look really good.

Social Wall, Twitter Wall, Social widget

Display & embed your Wall anywhere

Walls.io can be used standalone on displays at events or venues, embedded as a widget on your website, mobile or through our API.

What You can do with Walls.io

Improve your reach with hashtag campaigns…

The Social Wall for your hashtag campaign

  • Make your marketing social
  • Boost your message with hashtags
  • Let user-generated content shine

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Spark conversations at your events with a social wall

The Social Wall for your event

  • Promote your hashtags
  • Spark conversations
  • Encourage audience participation

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Create your brand's social media hub with our widget

The Social Wall for your brand

  • Create a social media hub
  • Increase brand awareness
  • Keep your website fresh with social content

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Save time & money developing with our API

The Social Wall for your API projects

  • Access content from all platforms with one API
  • Save development time and money
  • Visualise social content without limitations

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Some Stories Behind our Walls

What People Say About Walls.io

Fabian Ziemer, mybigpoint

Fabian Ziemer Head of Marketing & Sales, mybigpoint

Each day, tennis fans all over Germany are posting a ton of social media content related to the sport. With Walls.io we found the perfect partner to power our hashtag campaign #LebeDeinTennis on all our social media channels.

Alison Benney, OECD

Alison Benney Social Media Evangelist, OECD

We were delighted with the use of Walls at our OECD Forum this year; displayed on the wall of the conference centre, it animated the space and encouraged participants to engage on social media.

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  • API Calls per day
  • Emojis per day
  • Hashtags per hour

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Michael Kamleitner, Enterprise Solutions

Michael Kamleitner Enterprise Solutions

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